New Prototype Figure Gallery Added to Site.

This past week I’ve been working on adding a new content rich feature to the site.  Now open for visitors is an image gallery of prototype Kenner ALIEN figures.

This new gallery features images and descriptions of early work in progress versions of action figures from last century.  As of now, there’s several figures entered into the growing gallery – and more are expected to be added soon.

My thanks go to Steve Dwyer, Marc Cawiezel and Tracy Hamilton; who’s contributions and assistance made this gallery possible.

I am seeking to expand the Prototype Figure gallery further.  If you are in possession or know someone who has a prototype Kenner ALIEN action figure – or parts of one – made between 1979 and 2001 and would like to see it featured as part of the gallery please contact me.  If used, credit of ownership of such images will be appropriately noted.

Enjoy this new feature!  It is a fantastic addition to a site that is growing constantly; and an absolute joy to work with people prepared to share their passion for these unique items.


  • NOTE: For ease of use, the Prototype Figures gallery has also been made accessible from the Galleries tab on the front page drop down menu.



HIDEOUS PLASTIC – The Book – September Update.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about the book I’m writing, HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream. A little over a month now, actually, so an update is due to keep people who are interested in its progress up to speed.

The manuscript is almost complete – and has been for a while now. Nonetheless, there’s been many small changes and revisions to the text and upgrading of image content during the past month and at this point there’s just a few holes that need to be plugged. Just a few questions that need to be answered and one or two images I want to include that I am seeking permission to use. Right now this is where the challenge lies for me to bring the ms into a finished and ready state for editing.

These final pieces of information are important – but not critical. For example, how many of these 18 inch action figures did Kenner manufacture in 1979?  That’s definitely a detail I would like to include in the book – but I don’t even know if an answer is possible.  Everyone I have asked so far simply draws a blank.  If I can’t find answers to this – and similar such questions – I still have a manuscript consisting of more than 250 pages and worthy of publication.  It’s answers to a handful of questions of this nature that remain and if I can acquire them, such information will give the book the full depth and polish I want it to have.

At 250 pages long, it comprises almost 60,000 words and features over 200 images (photos, diagrams, drawings and illustrations). It’s a massive manuscript dedicated to the Kenner ALIEN figure.  It documents its history, how to repair one, what to look for if you wish to purchase one and its many derivative descendants released since 1979 until this year. There’s so much content here, it’s incredible.  I anticipate the book will compact down somewhat after professional editing, typesetting and design has been completed. I guess it will eventually be around 200 pages long when published.

Right now, that’s the goal and if nothing else, I could publish the book today and achieve that ambition without any additional input; but to go beyond what it currently is and initiate that final push to make it the best it can possibly be is the goal now.

Then, it’s off to the Editor.

Essential third party services have already been organised.  People involved in undertaking the necessary tasks of editing, proofing, typesetting – along with cover and interior design – are ready to receive the manuscript and shape it into its final form. I’ll be sending the ms to those people soon. The book will most likely enter this phase of its development cycle in early 2018.  I’m allowing myself a few more months to add the final elements to the book prior to sending it on.

Then, it’s off to the printer and the distribution of the book.  It is anticipated to become available sometime in the middle of next year.  Maybe a little later, to be on the conservative side.

Right now, it’s progressing very well. The legal aspects were addressed 12 months ago.  I’ve been working on it since June 2015 and despite an unsuccessful KickStarter earlier this year, its preparation has developed and progressed more or less as planned. No big deal, really. This is more or less the stage I anticipated the book to be at with or without such funding.  The only major difference: it will be released next year instead of being available Christmas this year.  So be it.

Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions about HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream or you have some contribution you wish to make to this unique book, please contact me. Such contributions will be appropriately recognised and credited in the acknowledgements section and any copyright image content used will be respected as such.


Unpainted 3.7 Inch Alien Resin Kit.

Here’s something a little different.  This chibi styled Alien item is available on Ebay It’s unlicenced.  It’s unpainted.  It needs some assembly.  It’s super cool.

Sometimes the homegrown variety is just as good as the official corporate stuff.  Maybe even tastier, just like tomatoes! This stunted variety Alien figure with its protruding tongue Continue reading

Eaglemoss Glow in the Dark Variant Grid Alien.

Silly me.  I have been neglecting to mention the Eaglemoss series of collectibles here on HIDEOUS PLASTIC – and these things have been appearing regularly for quite a while now.  Well, anyway, I’ll attempt to keep an eye out on these items a little more.  Anyway, here’s their glow in the dark variant of the Grid Alien, a character that appears in the ropy – but generally fun – ALIEN vs PREDATOR movie from 2004.Here’s what Eaglemoss have to say about these collectible items:The Alien and Predator Figurine Collection features the most iconic characters and creatures from all of the Alien Continue reading

AvP Stop Motion is Still the Best!

It’s over a year old now, but Counter 656 Productions animated ALIENS vs PREDATOR short video using toys and action figures is still a better viewing experience than either of the ALIENS vs PREDATOR movies made last decade.  The running time of just over 7 minutes is filled with great action, editing, lighting, animation and characterisation throughout.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out! I’ve seen a lot of fan made videos featuring toys but this one is definitely my favourite. Continue reading

Razor Claws Box Art Revealed.

NECA have revealed the lurid full colour box art for the Razor Claws Alien action figure.

This package design looks like it will have a window that wraps around the front to  the top of the box.  This does look kind of nice.  It is one of six figures in their upcoming ALIEN vs PREDATOR Arcade figure line up, believed to be released later this year.  Original posted on #facehuggerfriday

Full image after the break. Continue reading

REVIEWED: Unofficial ReAction Figure Guide.

Occasionally I like to review more than just toys.  Sometimes – not often – I like to take a peek into books about toys.  Today, under the spotlight for evaluation is the Unofficial ReAction Figure Guide.

Super7 has been prolific of late, they’ve been driving force behind the Retro Action figure RenAissance in 3.75 inch toys with their ReAction figure line up.  ReAlly?  Yes.  ReAlly.  Now some clever dude has written a book about these small scale collectible toys.  ReAd the HIDEOUS PLASTIC review of the Unofficial ReAction Figure Guide right here. 

RemAin ReAssured it’s a ReAlly good ReAd.  lol. 🙂


Coming Soon Funko Sci-Fi Dorbz.

Funko have announced their new vinyl collectible Sci-Fi Dorbz figures coming soon to toy store shelves and online retailers.  The range of course includes figures based on ALIEN, as we see here.Altogether there looks to be 3 ALIEN figures including a variant chase figure of the item above with a distribution ratio of 1:6 with blood spatter marks on it.  There’s also a facehugged version of Kane which looks to be a Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive.  Continue reading

NECA Burke and ALIEN Release Soon.

As part of their regular weekly twitter announcements, NECA have release a fine image of their upcoming Carter J. Burke and Xenomorph Warrior in their packaging for #FacehuggerFriday.

Figures of Burke are uncommon at best and this is the first time he has appeared in NECA’s extensively line up, and officially supporting the likeness of actor Paul Reiser.  The Alien itself is a variant of the familiar Xenomorph we see in ALIENS with a translucent carapace added to its head.  To my knowledge, this is the first time a domed ‘Cameralien’ has been produced by any company.

Looking forward to seeing these hit shelves soon as implied by NECA’s recent tweet.


Queen Takes Bishop 3 Inch LootCrate Minifig.

LootCrate will be including a nice little ALIENS piece in an upcoming package.  The ROBOTIC theme for September includes 4 synthetic, android and robots.  One from each of these movie properties: Star Wars, Star Trek, Blade Runner 2049 and ALIENS.  We’ve found out the ALIENS item will be a super neat 3 inch tall minifig of Bishop being impaled by the Queen’s tail, called ‘Queen Takes Bishop’.  This looks so cool.

Such wanton cruel joy.  I love it.

You can find out more about it at #AlienAnthology and also on the LootCrate order page. Orders should be placed soon if you want one of these treasure boxes full of goodies by September 19.  Stock is limited so ordering sooner rather than later might be a good idea.