Super7 Exclusive NYCC 2017 Glow in the Dark Queen Alien.

Super7 have announced they will be releasing an exclusive new sofubi inspired glow in the dark blood spattered Queen Alien at this year’s New York Comic Con.

Here’s what Super7 have to say about this limited edition item: It would not be NYCC if a Xenomorph didn’t stow away with us and this time it’s the exclusive Glow-In-The-Dark / Blood Splattered Alien Queen 5-inch Japanese soft vinyl figure. It’s from Japan, man! Quantities will be bloody limited.

New York Comic Con is October 5 through October 8.  Stocks are limited.


Get Yer ALIEN Matryoshka Nesting Dolls.

These were announced sometime earlier this year but I hadn’t realised they had been released.  All the same, PPW Toys’ ALIEN – Wood Nesting Dolls have been available for some time now.

Totally worth it for the WTF..? value, I say.  These wooden nesting dolls are just like the real thing.  Well, they are the real thing; but instead of traditional Russian dolls seated inside Continue reading

Super 7 Shows Off Wave 3 ALIEN ReAction Figures. Again.

Previously on display at Toy Fair earlier this year, Super7 are once again showing off some of the characters for their upcoming series 3 ALIEN ReAction figures at this year’s SDCC.

Bloody Disgusting has the goods on the latest word regarding this set of figures.  On display in 3.5 inch format is decapitated Ash along with screen accurate Ripley and Dallas.  Brett, Parker and Lambert are also known to be part of this new set of figures.  It is also understood Jones the cat will also make an appearance as part of this set and is likely to feature as an accessory.  There’s no word on their availability just yet.


NECA Reveals New ‘Ultimate Edition’ ALIENS Xenomorph.

Today NECA revealed their plans to release an updated ‘Ultimate Editions’ of the 1986 ALIENS warrior xenomorph “…with added articulation, accessories and more.”  Sounds good so far. We can expect more details next week.  Here’s the latest tweet from NECA.   It looks like this figure will see release in 2 chewy flavours of blue and brown to cater to all you variant hungry fans who aren’t happy with just more of the same thing.  Thank you NECA!  Lookin’ sweet.  More promotional images after the break. Continue reading

10 Hours Remain for the 30% off Early Bird Reward.

Only 10 hours remains if you want to snag a 30% discount on the HIDEOUS PLASTIC KickStarter Early Bird Pledge. 10 hours, that is, if you live in Australia.  The rest of the World is not far behind.   Once this Reward Tier has expired, the campaign will still continue for another 30 days but this Reward will no longer be available.

Now, if the world was flat, time zone issues wouldn’t be a problem, would they?  😉


I will be AWOL Due to Hip Replacement Surgery.

This poor crippled Alien and I have a very similar problem.  We both possess hip joints have been destroyed.  While this is quite literally a pain in the arse for me it can fortunately be repaired just like this fellow here.

This figure and I will undergo conceptually similar treatment. Clean up the existing mess, insert the new materials and parts then assemble it all back together.  We’ll both be Continue reading

Credit Where Credit is Due.

I’ve had a couple of inquiries regarding the music used in the promotion video, HIDEOUS PLASTIC – REVEAL.  The soundscape was contributed by a long time AvP Community friend who’s been kind enough to compose the original piece.  I’m more than happy to say it worked out very well and more than willing to express my gratitude openly.  Thank you, Geoffrey ω Omega (aka Le Celticant) for giving the video the ambience it needed.

Here’s the video:

While I’m on the topic of expressing my Thanks, I noticed a couple of spikes in the number of visits during the past 2 days.  Checking my visitors stats I found that I have been receiving traffic directed from  ALIENS Collection yesterday and also from ALIENS vs PREDATOR Galaxy today.

Thank you to the people responsible for posting details of this site on their front pages.  I greatly appreciate it.  This fledgling site and the ambitious Project it represents needs all the traffic and exposure it can get.  Your support – no matter how small – goes a long way to making this Project a reality.

Most importantly, to all the new visitors who have taken time to inspect the site, thank you.  Your support and faith in what this ambitious Project encompasses is where the real value lies.

I am endeavoring to make your experience here rewarding and I’m always posting News on how the book is progressing.  To help keep things interesting here, I’m also posting News regarding upcoming ALIEN action figures. I’m adding reviews of whatever I can get my hands on as to keep the site looking fresh and worth visiting.

Please come back sometime soon.

Don’t forget!  Global AvP has been kind enough to provide me with much needed dedicated forum space.  I’m always answering questions on those pages.

Now it’s time for me to get back to work.  🙂