SPOTLIGHT: 2014 Gentle Giant Glow in the Dark ALIEN

Shining a spotlight on this figure is a highly desirable and appropriate thing to do.  2014 witnessed the release of Gentle Giant’s own take on the Classic action figure.  Their release was fully 25% larger than the original figure presented in a large black box featuring white artwork.

This enormous 24 inch tall figure is cast in luminous green plastic and will glow in the dark once held under bright lights.  It was the first of 4 variants produced by Gentle Giant Continue reading

Added: 2015 Gentle Giant 24 Inch Tall Replica ALIEN Gallery.

I’ve added another set of images  to the site’s Gallery section.

Gentle Giant’s 2015 release of their Kenner ALIEN ‘Replica’ Tribute figure is 24 inches tall.  This is one hefty brute of an action figure.  You’ll find a bunch of images there just waiting for you to drool over.  Well, if are of such inclination to drool, that is.  Maybe you should see a doctor.  …or maybe a vet.



Added: 2015 Gentle Giant Gold ALIEN to the Gallery.

Yeah, Baby!  Look at what’s arrived just in time for Christmas.  Yes.  Another addition to the Gallery section of HIDEOUS PLASTIC.

This time the baroque and overly ostentatious gold edition of Gentle Giant’s 24 inch tall tribute figure gets its own set of images in the Gallery.   Wouldn’t it be amazing if one of those 3 Kings gave one of these things to little baby Jesus.  Now that would be something!


Added: 2015 Gentle Giant Silver ALIEN Gallery.

The latest set of Gallery images has been added to the site.  The Gentle Giant Silver Tribute ALIEN  can now be viewed in the Gallery section of the site.

All of Gentle Giant’s 24 inch tall ALIEN tribute figures are a sight to behold and this outlandish item coated in ‘silver’ is no exception.  Check it out!

More to come soon.  I’ll try and get some of the Tsukuda Hobby stuff up next.


Added: 2014 Gentle Giant Glow in the Dark ALIEN Gallery.

Here is the 3rd addition to the Gallery.  Presenting the ridiculously large 24 inch tall glow in the dark ALIEN tribute action figure by Gentle Giant.

This selection of images – along with all future Galleries I will be adding at a later date – will be available under ‘Collated Works’ in the drop down Menu just below the banner above.  Keep an eye out for these upcoming image collections!