New Prototype Figure Gallery Added to Site.

This past week I’ve been working on adding a new content rich feature to the site.  Now open for visitors is an image gallery of prototype Kenner ALIEN figures.

This new gallery features images and descriptions of early work in progress versions of action figures from last century.  As of now, there’s several figures entered into the growing gallery – and more are expected to be added soon.

My thanks go to Steve Dwyer, Marc Cawiezel and Tracy Hamilton; who’s contributions and assistance made this gallery possible.

I am seeking to expand the Prototype Figure gallery further.  If you are in possession or know someone who has a prototype Kenner ALIEN action figure – or parts of one – made between 1979 and 2001 and would like to see it featured as part of the gallery please contact me.  If used, credit of ownership of such images will be appropriately noted.

Enjoy this new feature!  It is a fantastic addition to a site that is growing constantly; and an absolute joy to work with people prepared to share their passion for these unique items.


  • NOTE: For ease of use, the Prototype Figures gallery has also been made accessible from the Galleries tab on the front page drop down menu.



Check Out Our Awesome Gallery!

I haven’t posted anything for a few days, so I may as well promote one of this site’s features.  The Gallery section visually documents all the action figures based on the original Kenner ALIEN toy released in 1979.

Along with multiple photo images of at least 10 derivatives of this figure, you will find other details and information including manufacturers, dates and dimensions.  It’s an all Continue reading

Super7 ALIENS Warrior Gallery Updated.

Super7’s new 18 inch ‘Classic Toy Edition’ ALIENS Warrior is now available from their online site.  I’ve added 45 images of the figure to its HIDEOUS PLASTIC Gallery page.  Check it out.

The additions to the Gallery are the first of an extensive 3 part coverage of the figure I am engaging in.  Tomorrow I will be writing and posting the product review. In the days following that, I’ll also be writing up a comprehensive comparison of Super7’s new figure with the original Kenner toy.  So there’s a ton of stuff yet to come in regards to this newly released member of the Kenner ALIEN action figure family.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Gallery for images of the original Kenner figure and it’s derivatives.   There’s so much stuff tucked away in there, you’ll be surprised at it all.

Just like all the items appearing in the Gallery, this figure will also feature in the book HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream. A Kickstarter campaign is currently active for this Project. Please support this amazing and unique Project.

Thank you,


SPOTLIGHT: 2014 Gentle Giant Glow in the Dark ALIEN

Shining a spotlight on this figure is a highly desirable and appropriate thing to do.  2014 witnessed the release of Gentle Giant’s own take on the Classic action figure.  Their release was fully 25% larger than the original figure presented in a large black box featuring white artwork.

This enormous 24 inch tall figure is cast in luminous green plastic and will glow in the dark once held under bright lights.  It was the first of 4 variants produced by Gentle Giant Continue reading

SPOTLIGHT: 1995 Tsukuda Hobby ALIEN.

During the course of the next 50 days, we’re going to look at some of the other action figures and models that will grace the pages of HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream.  First up is this rather obscure item from Tsukuda Hobby, released in 1995.

This Japanese pressing is the 2nd item from Tsukuda Hobby derived their product from the original 1979 kenner action figure  and it is generally considered to be inferior.  While Continue reading

Now Home Recovering.

Surgery went well and I am now at home.  Recovery looks like it will be a slow and tiring few weeks ahead of me while stumbling around on crutches.  I am improving daily.

Nonetheless, amidst this nagging fatigue propped up by medication and pain killers, I have had enough energy today to add a simple page to the Gallery section of the site outlining details of the ‘1991 Phantom Kenner ALIEN action figure’A dubious item that actually never existed but persists due to misinformation.  This often mistakenly identified Kenner item is frequently confused with other loose derivative figures date stamped 1991.


Added: 2015 Gentle Giant 24 Inch Tall Replica ALIEN Gallery.

I’ve added another set of images  to the site’s Gallery section.

Gentle Giant’s 2015 release of their Kenner ALIEN ‘Replica’ Tribute figure is 24 inches tall.  This is one hefty brute of an action figure.  You’ll find a bunch of images there just waiting for you to drool over.  Well, if are of such inclination to drool, that is.  Maybe you should see a doctor.  …or maybe a vet.



Added: 2016 Super 7 Faux 1986 ALIENS Prototype Gallery.

I have added Super 7’s  very strange limited edition 1986 ALIENS prototype figure to the Gallery.  This odd figure released in 2016 is a worthy addition to a long history of odd action figures of varying reputation.

This is a fake prototype for an action figure that never existed and was never marketed for a movie which had no such movie tie-in products of this type in it’s day whatsoever.  It’s a speculative ‘what if’ figure inspired by Kenner Products original ALIEN had the company chosen to continue releasing ALIENS merchandise during the 1980’s.



Added: 2015 Gentle Giant Gold ALIEN to the Gallery.

Yeah, Baby!  Look at what’s arrived just in time for Christmas.  Yes.  Another addition to the Gallery section of HIDEOUS PLASTIC.

This time the baroque and overly ostentatious gold edition of Gentle Giant’s 24 inch tall tribute figure gets its own set of images in the Gallery.   Wouldn’t it be amazing if one of those 3 Kings gave one of these things to little baby Jesus.  Now that would be something!