Eaglemoss Glow in the Dark Variant Grid Alien.

Silly me.  I have been neglecting to mention the Eaglemoss series of collectibles here on HIDEOUS PLASTIC – and these things have been appearing regularly for quite a while now.  Well, anyway, I’ll attempt to keep an eye out on these items a little more.  Anyway, here’s their glow in the dark variant of the Grid Alien, a character that appears in the ropy – but generally fun – ALIEN vs PREDATOR movie from 2004.Here’s what Eaglemoss have to say about these collectible items:The Alien and Predator Figurine Collection features the most iconic characters and creatures from all of the Alien Continue reading

ALIEN UNIVERSE Merchandise Sneak Peak.

Over at A L I E N  UNIVERSE a selection of sneak peaks at upcoming merchandise has been posted.  Some of these items are very welcome…  others are just, um, strange.

Most exciting is our first good look at what NECA has in store for their new ALIEN: Covenant action figure.  Here it is at last!  Fantastic!  Six fingers and digitigrade legs along with a slew of fresh interpretations of familiar features adorn the critter we love to fear. This Continue reading

Toy Fair 2017: Eaglemoss Hero Series.

Man… the News just does not stop.  It looks like Eaglemoss also have a display of their ALIEN Collector Statue Series at this year’s Toy Fair.

This series of Toys is a subscription based model with the first introductory item being the Big Chap as seen above.  There’s going to be a new pair of ALIEN and PREDATOR based figures shipped to subscribers every month.  Wow.  There’s a ton more images in ToyArk’s gallery.


Eaglemoss Subscriptions Now Open.

I really should have posted about these things earlier… Anyway, Eaglemoss looks like they have a fine series of ALIEN and PREDATOR figurines coming soon and available to customers on a regularly supplied subscription based model.  A pair of iconic characters from all the ALIEN, PREDATOR, AvP and PROMETHEUS movies will be delivered each month.

The Big Chap will be the first figure available to subscribers.  Thereafter, 2 figures each month will be posted as part of the subscription. These figures look like they will be in the Continue reading