Pre-Order Eaglemoss Fifield and Ripley.

Looks like pre-orders are open for Eaglemoss ALIEN & PREDATOR figurine collectibles of Fifield and Ripley.  Mutated Sean Fifield (Issue #31)  from the ill fated Prometheus expedition and ALIENS version of Ellen Ripley (Issue #32) are heading our way.  One of these figures is super sexy and confronted some nasty alien thingy – the other is an over rated wench from last Century – you figure out which one is which.

Seriously, though.  It’s great to see Ripley finally being represented in her ALIENS garb, ready to confront the Queen; and the alternate version of Fifield Eaglemoss have gone with here will contrast well with the more screen accurate version NECA released some time back.

Honestly, though.  Fifield is the sexier one of the two items on offer here.  The raging, out of control pigeon toed mutant going ballistic wins my vote.  Either way, it looks like these will be available 0n 25 April, 2018.


Video Review: 2017 Eaglemoss Parker and Queen Alien.

Let’s check out some reviews of cool new stuff from Eaglemoss!  Occasionally I like to feature other people’s work on the site and today we have Baptiste Coudert reviewing the Eaglemoss Hero Collector ALIEN Parker figure on YouTube:

This item does look neat and it’s great seeing these otherwise under represented characters like Parker given this kind of treatment.  …but wait, there’s more! Baptiste has Continue reading

Eaglemoss ALIENS Retro Figure Set #3 Panther & Scorpion.

Over at Big Bad Toy Store you can pre-order Eaglemoss’ latest entry into their 1990s Kenner tribute series of figurines.  Coming soon in glorious (Hah!) 1:16 scale – about 5 inches tall – are the Scorpion and Panther Alien box set.  They will be packaged in “a special display friendly collector box with a 5th panel window box.” Continue reading

Eaglemoss Space Jockey Figurine Available Soon.

Our silent space traveling friend, the enigma known only as ‘The Space Jockey’,  wil be available soon as a figurine by Eaglemoss.  The 22cm tall ‘Bonus Edtion 1’ statuette is now available for pre-order from the HeroCollector online store.

At 2kg, this is going to be a weighty item for its size. Here’s what Eaglemoss have to say about it

“This impressive figure is produced in detailed polyresin to capture the intricate biomechanical design inspired by the work of legendary artist HR Giger, and hand-painted to recreate the haunting colours in the scene, one of the sci-fi’s most memorable moments. This Space Jockey stands over 22 cm tall, runs over 20 cm in diameter, weighs more than 2kg, and makes for a unique standalone piece or an imposing addition to any Alien collection.”

Available for delivery from 27th October.


Eaglemoss ALIEN Reveals at NYCC 2017.

Looks like Eaglemoss is going to be hitting this year’s New York Comic Con with a deluge of ALIEN themed merchandise.  Included is some big surprises.  Spearheading this range of figurines will be a pair of 2 packs featuring tributes to old Classic Kenner ALIENS action figures.

First up, is the Bull and Gorilla Alien tribute items as part of Eaglemoss’ ALIENS Retro Collection.  Now these look terrific!  They won’t have any articulation by the looks of it but this set looks fantastic and comes in a neat 2 pack.

Are you stoked by this announcement?  Well, you should be otherwise what are you doing visiting this site..?  But wait… there’s more.  How much more?  Read on and find out. Continue reading

Eaglemoss Special Edition Queen Alien.

Just in case you haven’t had enough Queen Aliens in your life, Eaglemoss have a special offer you may enjoy.  Available from their webstore is this detailed 8.5 inch tall, 1:16 scale figurine.

This special edition piece will set you back US$59.95.  It may not possess any articulation but it’s a damned sight cheaper than most other Queen Aliens made by other companies.


Eaglemoss Glow in the Dark Variant Grid Alien.

Silly me.  I have been neglecting to mention the Eaglemoss series of collectibles here on HIDEOUS PLASTIC – and these things have been appearing regularly for quite a while now.  Well, anyway, I’ll attempt to keep an eye out on these items a little more.  Anyway, here’s their glow in the dark variant of the Grid Alien, a character that appears in the ropy – but generally fun – ALIEN vs PREDATOR movie from 2004.Here’s what Eaglemoss have to say about these collectible items:The Alien and Predator Figurine Collection features the most iconic characters and creatures from all of the Alien Continue reading

ALIEN UNIVERSE Merchandise Sneak Peak.

Over at A L I E N  UNIVERSE a selection of sneak peaks at upcoming merchandise has been posted.  Some of these items are very welcome…  others are just, um, strange.

Most exciting is our first good look at what NECA has in store for their new ALIEN: Covenant action figure.  Here it is at last!  Fantastic!  Six fingers and digitigrade legs along with a slew of fresh interpretations of familiar features adorn the critter we love to fear. This Continue reading