Funko Neomorph POP! Figure.

Here’s Funko’s upcoming Neomorph POP! figure based on the critter that appears in ALIEN: Covenant.  It looks like this toothy Neomorph will be accompanied by it’s juvenile form, the ‘Toddler’, in this package.

I must admit, this looks… amazing.   Normally, the Funko POP! figures don’t appeal to me at all; but this specimen really makes me think about purchasing one.  Despite the fact that Continue reading

Hand Made ALIEN Plushie is the Best!

Now, this is just too awesome.  Someone on Etsy is selling their custom made Alien plushie.  Made in blue and grey, this collie sized critter is the best!

Looks like there’s only 1 available but I bet if you want one of these handcrafted pieces of Wicked, I’m sure the artist would be willing.  For a price, that is.  This Alien isn’t cheap at Continue reading

REVIEWED: Diamond Select ALIEN MiniMate Tribute Figure.

What’s only 3 inches tall and still wants to rip your face off?  Diamond Select Toy’s 2015 diminutive tribute to Kenner’s original ALIEN action figure.  That’s what; and you can read all about this sweet little darling cutie pie right now in this review.

Awwww… isn’t he so cute?  It’s enough to make you want to see him go and chew a kitten’s face off.


REVIEWED: Hiya Toys Colonial Marines Xenomorph Boiler.

It’s time for me to move on and leave KickStarter behind.  I’ve got quite the workload of restructuring ahead of me and one of my big priorities is to keep traffic flowing through this site.  I can’t think of anything better than posting a review of some weird thing I have lying around.

Anything will do at this stage.  Even a review of an action figure from a 4 year old video game that almost everyone hated.  So here it is.  My examination of Hiya Toys 1:18 scale Colonial Marines Xenomorph Boiler action figure.  The game was shit.  Is this ugly little runt more of the same – or is it worth picking up 4 years later?  Find out in this review.


4/26 Day, ummm… Whatever Happened to..?

ALIEN Day has been and gone for this year and it brought with it announcements and reveals that set fans and collectors abuzz. Which is a great thing as that was the goal it set out to do.  I enjoyed it immensely and among various treats, we saw some prelude footage for the upcoming ALIEN: Covenant movie and a wide range of new licenced merchandise coming our way.

Some of these items were already anticipated such as the Super7 Blind Box ALIEN figures and NECA’s reveal for their upcoming figure based on the creature as it appears in ALIEN: Covenant along with a few surprises.  Some of these surprises included an ALIEN themed Mr. Potato Head figure and a set of wooden matryoshka nested dolls.  All good stuff in their own way. Even the new range of Funko POP! figures (below) based on the new movie were a welcome sight.

On the other hand, I got to thinking ALIEN Day was a little incomplete.  Something was Continue reading

Wooden ALIEN Nesting Dolls.

PPW Toys are bringing the ALIEN licence to the wonderful world of Russian matrysoshka nesting dolls.  Each doll in this set is of decreasing size and fits inside each other – kind of like how a facehugger fits inside an egg and an Alien chestburster fits inside your chest and a full grown Alien fits inside a space shuttle.  It’s a nice thought, huh.

This wtf news is exactly what you needed to wake up to, right?  This set of nesting dolls is Continue reading