How big is this Thing, Exactly? Experiments on Scale.

I understand the convenience of using coins to demonstrate the size of an item.  Everybody knows what a coin is.  This makes such a common item for comparing sizes a popular choice.  Unfortunately, it’s  all too often an inaccurate means of measuring an action figure.  Coins of an international origin can be different sizes and multiple different sized coins can complicate gauging the size of a figure.

To this end, this article explores the problems inherently present with using coins (and by extension, other common objects) to measure the size of action figures; and the size of anything else, really.


Improvised Display Stand Idea.

Here’s a neat little idea you might like to try out if you’re wanting some display stands and have a jar or 2 lying around the place that you’re not doing anything with.  Use the lids as display stands for your figure(s).  You know, the ones; those figures that need additional support when those crappy display stands supplied by the manufacturer just don’t measure up to the task *sigh*.

These jar lids have a hole drilled into them and a screw driven through for attaching to the foot/feet of a figure of your choice.  They are painted black and finished with a varnish.   This wonderful improvisation using easily found household materials was made by Yiğit Emin Kalaycıoğlu and they work like a treat!

Thanks for the great idea!  I’m definitely going to try this sometime.


Showing Off NECA’s Dog Alien to its Fullest.

NECA makes some great figures. Their Dog Alien, for example, is arguably one of their best to date. It’s too bad NECA’s accessory display stand that comes with the figure is absolute shit. I mean it and just about everyone who owns one of these terrific figures will tell you the same thing “The figure is great! The display stand..? errrr…  not so much”.
So, I did a little hunting around and found some great little display stands made in China. They’re made of metal – so the C-clip won’t snap as easily as NECA’s flimsy excuse for a

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The Secret Life of 1986 ALIENS Action Figures.

No ALIENS action figures or toys were made available as movie tie-in merchandise to accompany its release in 1986.  Nonetheless, action figures did play a role in the making of the movie.

This article outlines how one of the worst ALIEN action figures ever released contributed to one of the best action movies ever made.  You can read about it here.


Funko 8 Bit ALIEN Pop! Coming Soon.

As announced by Funko, a new  range of horror themed 8 bit inspired POP! figures will be available early next year.  Here’s the official word from Funko: “Some of your favorite classic horror.   characters are now 8-Bit Pop! Vinyl!This series features the nightmare serial killer Freddy Krueger – complete with iconic sweater and bladed glove, and the silent killing machine Jason Voorhees. Rounding out the series, from the ALIEN FRANCHISE; ALIEN!”

So if you’re into old 8 bit video games, or maybe want to relive those moments when you thought Alien Trilogy had great graphics or you’re a Minecraft junkie who’s addicted to everything made of cubes then this  Alien is for you!  Looks like there will be 2 of them.


Hiya Toys to Produce ALIEN: Covenant Figures.

Exclusive News from INFINITE EARTHS claims that the merchandising activity for ALIEN: Covenant is far from over. It appears that Hiya Toys will be releasing a pair of figures based on the movie some time in the near future.  Anticipated for release is the familiar form of the Covenant Alien and the pallid shape of the Neomorph.  Both are expected to be in the 1/18 scale.

Here’s what the News post has to say “Hiya Toys, the company behind the 1/18 scale series of Aliens: Colonial Marines action figures, will be producing new figures based off of Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant. Not a whole lot of details are available at this time, however we do know that the new line will be produced in collaboration with 20th Century Fox, and that Hiya will be kicking off the line with 1/18 scale versions of both the Xenomorph and the Neomorph seen in the film.”  A little more information is available on their initial News post.

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ALIEN Dreaming.

I’ve been messing around with some Deep Dreaming software and mashing up one particular photo of the 1979 Kenner ALIEN action figure.  I have been been getting some intriguing results.

I’ve had waaaay too much fun making these things and I’ve set up a gallery on the site for you to enjoy.  Check it out here.

I’ve also added a link to the ALIEN Dreaming gallery to the Gallery item on the drop down menu at the top of the front page.


ALIEN: Covenant Life Size Head Pre-Order.

Sideshow Collectibles are now taking pre-orders for the latest in life size xenomorph heads with the imminent release of the Cool Props piece based on the Aliens seen in ALIEN: Covenant. The new Cool Props 1:1 scale replica head is based on the final design of the Aliens as seen in the movie.  It’s a whopping 35 inches long (Just shy of a meter.) and will set you Continue reading

WARNING: Choking Hazard.

This interesting juxtaposition  was pointed out to me sometime back on Facebook.  I forget who called it to my attention but it’s a great sample of why some toys shouldn’t be removed from their packaging.

Nonetheless, this is NECA’s ALIEN Series 3 Kane with facehugger attached; and is badged with the most appropriate use of this Warning on an action figure I’ve ever seen.


Unpainted 3.7 Inch Alien Resin Kit.

Here’s something a little different.  This chibi styled Alien item is available on Ebay It’s unlicenced.  It’s unpainted.  It needs some assembly.  It’s super cool.

Sometimes the homegrown variety is just as good as the official corporate stuff.  Maybe even tastier, just like tomatoes! This stunted variety Alien figure with its protruding tongue Continue reading