Unpainted 3.7 Inch Alien Resin Kit.

Here’s something a little different.  This chibi styled Alien item is available on Ebay It’s unlicenced.  It’s unpainted.  It needs some assembly.  It’s super cool.

Sometimes the homegrown variety is just as good as the official corporate stuff.  Maybe even tastier, just like tomatoes! This stunted variety Alien figure with its protruding tongue Continue reading

AvP Stop Motion is Still the Best!

It’s over a year old now, but Counter 656 Productions animated ALIENS vs PREDATOR short video using toys and action figures is still a better viewing experience than either of the ALIENS vs PREDATOR movies made last decade.  The running time of just over 7 minutes is filled with great action, editing, lighting, animation and characterisation throughout.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out! I’ve seen a lot of fan made videos featuring toys but this one is definitely my favourite. Continue reading

Coming Soon Funko Sci-Fi Dorbz.

Funko have announced their new vinyl collectible Sci-Fi Dorbz figures coming soon to toy store shelves and online retailers.  The range of course includes figures based on ALIEN, as we see here.Altogether there looks to be 3 ALIEN figures including a variant chase figure of the item above with a distribution ratio of 1:6 with blood spatter marks on it.  There’s also a facehugged version of Kane which looks to be a Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive.  Continue reading

Queen Takes Bishop 3 Inch LootCrate Minifig.

LootCrate will be including a nice little ALIENS piece in an upcoming package.  The ROBOTIC theme for September includes 4 synthetic, android and robots.  One from each of these movie properties: Star Wars, Star Trek, Blade Runner 2049 and ALIENS.  We’ve found out the ALIENS item will be a super neat 3 inch tall minifig of Bishop being impaled by the Queen’s tail, called ‘Queen Takes Bishop’.  This looks so cool.

Such wanton cruel joy.  I love it.

You can find out more about it at #AlienAnthology and also on the LootCrate order page. Orders should be placed soon if you want one of these treasure boxes full of goodies by September 19.  Stock is limited so ordering sooner rather than later might be a good idea. 


Get Yer ALIEN Matryoshka Nesting Dolls.

These were announced sometime earlier this year but I hadn’t realised they had been released.  All the same, PPW Toys’ ALIEN – Wood Nesting Dolls have been available for some time now.

Totally worth it for the WTF..? value, I say.  These wooden nesting dolls are just like the real thing.  Well, they are the real thing; but instead of traditional Russian dolls seated inside Continue reading

Unpublished Kenner ALIENS: Hive Wars Mini Comics.

Yesterday, a complete set of unpublished ALIENS” Hive Wars mini comics were posted to a closed group on Facebook.  This set of 15 page comics features uncolored black and white line artwork.  These are super fun items and anyone who is a fan of Kenner’s 1990’s ALIENS action figures will want to check these out. 

Special thanks to Marc Cawiezel for calling these items to our attention.

Download 15 pages of unpublished ALIENS Hive comics. Have fun with these!

If you enjoy these, don’t forget we also have a set of 13 issues of 1992 Kenner ALIENS Action Figure Comic Scans you can also download.


The Curious History of ALIEN ReAction Figures.

During the next weeks I’ll be looking into ALIEN ReAction figures in a series of articles.  It’s appropriate then that we start at the beginning and focus on the history of the Alien figure itself, delving into the fascinating world of prototypes and find out what makes them significant

A series of 3 written items appearing on this site explores different aspects of these popular 1970s themed ALIEN retro action figures.  This first article explores their origin and unfortunate conditions that curtailed their development in the late 1970s, how they were kept concealed from public scrutiny for decades; and their eventual phoenix-like rise from the ashes of ambiguity.


Download ALIEN Isolation Fan Art Bubblegum Cards.

A little over a year ago I assembled a faux set of ALIEN Isolation Bubblegum cards just for fun.  The set of 100 cards was created using screenshots from SEGA’s ALIEN Isolation video game combined with Topps bubblegum design sensibility mimicking their actual
ALIEN bubblegum cards released in 1979.  They turned out to be fun and popular.

Now, I’ve zipped ’em all up into a handy  package for everyone to enjoy and you are welcome to help yourself to the whole set in one easy download.  There’s actually 103 cards in the archive. The additional 3 cards consisting of a pair of outtakes and the third made purely for self indulgent reasons and is only tangentially relevant to the video game.

Feel free to download the complete set.


My ‘Requiem Hybrid’ has Arrived! Oooh, Goodie!

This unforgivably grotesque thing arrived in the mail today. I saw this item on Ebay a week ago and was compelled to purchase it.  It’s a Requiem: Hybrid figure – otherwise known as an ‘AvP-R Predalien’.  Normally, I don’t like to impulse buying like this – my purchases of such things are mostly planned out as I am trying to save up coin to help fund the publishing of a book I’m writing.  Unfortunately, items like this Continue reading

REVIEWED: Funko Bloodied Covenant POP! Figure.

ALIEN Covenant merchandise is out in stores right now.  Easy to come by is the Funko range of POP! figures.  They’re cute. They’re happy.  They have big wide open eyes that reach into your soul with Joy.  Well, maybe not all of them fit that description.

I’ll openly admit the POP! range of collectibles really don’t appeal to me all that much.  At least these ones are uglier than most.  That’s a plus as far as I am concerned.  So here, is my review of one of the recently released ALIEN Covenant POP! figure by Funko, the bloodied Xeno/Protomorphy thingy.  Whatever people call it.