NECA Teases New ‘Razor Claws’ Alien Figure.

San Diego Comic Con is happening this weekend and we’re likely to see all manner of reveals.  Take this photo NECA has recently teased on twitter as a fine example.

“We call him….Razor Claws  ” is all NECA have to say about it right now.

No other details regarding this item are known just yet but if you see it at SDCC please grab some information.  I’d love to know more. Speculation about this figure right now is the possibly it is based on a video game. Continue reading

NECA Announces James Cameron Action Figure.

NECA have announced the Director of ALIENS, James Cameron will be joining their extensive range NECA ALIENS action figures featuring the official likeness of the man as he looked during the movie’s release in 1986.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY exclusively announced the news that the figure will feature him wearing the USCM combat uniform and include gear fans of ALIENS are familiar with. This will include a pistol, pulse rifle, motion tracker and what looks like the added accessories of viewfinder and clapperboard.

This 7 inch tall item featuring more than 25 points of articulation is not a convention exclusive and will be available globally in stores once it is released later this year, in Continue reading

Carter Burke Coming from NECA.

NECA are one day early on their regular weekly ‘Facehugger Friday‘ announcements and what a terrific reason to bring it forward.  The new ALIENS 2 pack being released this October contains all kinds of goodies.

NECA has been teasing the Hadleys Hope accessory sign for a while along with an upcoming 2 pack but the identity of the actual figures remained undisclosed.  We now Continue reading

NECA Reveals ALIEN Series 12 Figures.

As has been known for some time, NECA will revisit Hadley’s Hope.  Series 12 will be comprised of 4 figures instead of the usual 3.  2 humans and 2 Aliens will be present in the set.  Each of these characters have seen prior release but these fresh pieces contain alternate and improved features.  More details from NECA below:

Happy #FacehuggerFriday! Let’s celebrate with an announcement, shall we? Continue reading

NECA Reveals ALIEN Covenant Figures.

NECA have revealed their full line up of figures and merchandise accompanying the recent release of the new ALIEN Covenant movie.  The figures are in the 7 inch range that NECA have released successfully for ALIEN and PROMETHEUS movies.

Right now, NECA look like they’re heavily investing in the creatures that appear in the movie so we can expect to see the monsters in their various forms hit toy store shelves Continue reading