Razor Claws Box Art Revealed.

NECA have revealed the lurid full colour box art for the Razor Claws Alien action figure.

This package design looks like it will have a window that wraps around the front to  the top of the box.  This does look kind of nice.  It is one of six figures in their upcoming ALIEN vs PREDATOR Arcade figure line up, believed to be released later this year.  Original posted on #facehuggerfriday

Full image after the break. Continue reading

NECA Burke and ALIEN Release Soon.

As part of their regular weekly twitter announcements, NECA have release a fine image of their upcoming Carter J. Burke and Xenomorph Warrior in their packaging for #FacehuggerFriday.

Figures of Burke are uncommon at best and this is the first time he has appeared in NECA’s extensively line up, and officially supporting the likeness of actor Paul Reiser.  The Alien itself is a variant of the familiar Xenomorph we see in ALIENS with a translucent carapace added to its head.  To my knowledge, this is the first time a domed ‘Cameralien’ has been produced by any company.

Looking forward to seeing these hit shelves soon as implied by NECA’s recent tweet.


NECA Posts More AvP Arcade Game Figure Images.

Good old NECA, getting back in to regular postings of upcoming adult toys based on slimy shit from space.  Today, as part of their Facehugger Friday promotional strategy, they have posted some work in progress shots of the ‘Arachnoid’ Alien that will be part of the ALIENS vs PREDATOR Arcade video game figures set.

I guess we can expect more ‘behind the scenes’ shots of these figures in the upcoming weeks.  More images after the break. Continue reading

NECA Posts ‘BTS’ Chrysalis Images.

After a brief hiatus, NECA have returned to posting their Facehugger Friday posts.  Today’s post they showed off a pair of images relating to their upcoming AvP Arcade game Chrysalis figure.

This new set of behind the scenes content includes 8 images of what looks like a test shot of the upcoming figure.  There’s 6 of these images in total after the break plus an annotated inside peak into designing this toy’s retractable face.  Yep.  You read that right.  Intriguing stuff. Continue reading

REVIEWED: NECA Neomorph Action Figure.

I’ve been consciously avoiding reviewing any NECA figures until the ALIEN covenant stuff had been released.  Well, now this range of figures has reached Australian shores and I’ll be exploring these items in detail during the next month or so.

Think of it as Wabbit NECA Season, Dear Elmer.

So let’s get stuck into these things, shall we?  First up is the grisly little bastard known as the Neomorph.  Go ahead.  Read all about my impressions of this little darlin’.  I quite like it.  I’ll be tackling NECA’s iteration of David’s Xenomorph next week, too, so keep an eye out for that one.


More Details About Those NECA AvP Arcade Figures.

NECA have released full details regarding their new ALIEN vs PREDATOR Arcade game tribute figures.  There’s to be a total of 6 of them, 3 per side represented in the line up.

Here’s wot NECA has to say about the ALIEN opponents in the slimy corner of the ring:

“Introducing a new collection inspired by the classic 1994 arcade game that actually predates the movie! The Aliens Assortment includes three Alien adversaries from the game: Razor Claws, Chrysalis and Arachnoid make their action figure debut with paint deco that re-creates the look of the arcade game.

The figures utilize the new super-poseable Ultimate body, with over 30 points of articulation and bendable tail. Approximately 9″ tall. Window box packaging.” Continue reading

NECA Teases New ‘Razor Claws’ Alien Figure.

San Diego Comic Con is happening this weekend and we’re likely to see all manner of reveals.  Take this photo NECA has recently teased on twitter as a fine example.

“We call him….Razor Claws  ” is all NECA have to say about it right now.

No other details regarding this item are known just yet but if you see it at SDCC please grab some information.  I’d love to know more. Speculation about this figure right now is the possibly it is based on a video game. Continue reading

NECA Announces James Cameron Action Figure.

NECA have announced the Director of ALIENS, James Cameron will be joining their extensive range NECA ALIENS action figures featuring the official likeness of the man as he looked during the movie’s release in 1986.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY exclusively announced the news that the figure will feature him wearing the USCM combat uniform and include gear fans of ALIENS are familiar with. This will include a pistol, pulse rifle, motion tracker and what looks like the added accessories of viewfinder and clapperboard.

This 7 inch tall item featuring more than 25 points of articulation is not a convention exclusive and will be available globally in stores once it is released later this year, in Continue reading