NECA Club X ALIEN Exclusive Figure Revealed.

If you were committed enough to participate in NECA’s ALIEN Club X program (I didn’t) then you’ll be in the unique position to purchase an exclusive ALIEN item, the Kenner Tribute Purple Warrior figure.  This item is only available to Club X members fulfilling requirements of their membership.  Aren’t you lucky?  The coloration is based on card art illustration appearing on the diorama members received earlier this year.  NECA posted this image on their Facebook page.

This exclusive blueberry flavoured hybrid figure is a recasting of the domed warrior appearing in NECA’s recently released Burke and Domed Warrior 2 pack set.   This is kind of cool but I can see Club X members might be a little disappointed to receive a coloured recasting of an already extant figure instead of something truly unique for their dedication.


NECA’s Scorpion Alien, Work in Progress Images.

Here’s a couple of images released on NECA’s twitter page of what looks like their upcoming Scorpion Alien Kenner tribute figure.  One image appears to be an early evaluation sample of the figure annotated with amendments and changes; while the other image looks like a component list and diagrams of various appendages along with their descriptions.

It’s not known when the Scorpion Alien tribute figure is going to hit store shelves but it’s expected to arrive some time next year.  This particular Alien from the 1990’s was one of my favorites. so I may get one of these.  Continue reading

Updated NECA ALIENS Visual Checklist.

As part of their ‘5 Days of Downloads’ Christmas celebrations, NECA have posted an updated version of their ALIENS Visual Checklist – an infographic of all 82 released and announced ALIENS figures in the 7 inch range to date.  It can be downloaded from NECA right now and is available as an extra-large, 300 dpi JPG.

There are 2 versions available to download, the standard version as seen above and another version featuring card backer art.  Both are great!  NECA have made this an end of year annual event and an updated version of this chart has been available from them during the last few years.  Needless to say, it’s growing in size each year. Continue reading

REVIEWED: NECA’s Amanda Ripley Action Figure.

ALIEN Isolation is one of my favourite games.  I got to play as a girl – and squeal like a girl.  NECA stepped up and made me squeal like a girl some more when I found out they were releasing a series of action figures based on the game in late 2015.

Here’s my review of Amanda Ripley.  In her jumpsuit.  Unlike me, she doesn’t squeal like a girl – coz she is a bad ass.  Just like her ma.


Showing Off NECA’s Dog Alien to its Fullest.

NECA makes some great figures. Their Dog Alien, for example, is arguably one of their best to date. It’s too bad NECA’s accessory display stand that comes with the figure is absolute shit. I mean it and just about everyone who owns one of these terrific figures will tell you the same thing “The figure is great! The display stand..? errrr…  not so much”.
So, I did a little hunting around and found some great little display stands made in China. They’re made of metal – so the C-clip won’t snap as easily as NECA’s flimsy excuse for a

Continue reading

NECA Reveals ALIENS Colonel Cameron Packaging.

NECA have shared with us all the packaging for their upcoming Colonial Cameron figure as this week’s #facehuggerfriday reveal.  The clam shell packaging is the standard arrangement we see a lot of NECA’s stuff distributed. Colonel Cameron bears the actual likeness of ALIENS Director, James Cameron.  To my knowledge this item will be out soon.

I guess some fanboys might get all gooey about having the Director of ALIENS dressed up in colonial marine garb and carrying a clapper board but it’s not my idea of a ‘love doll’.  Gimme Meredith Vickers any day.  Hubba hubba!  Continue reading

First Glimpse at NECA’s Upcoming Snake Alien.

NECA’s #Facehugger Friday has returned after a 2 week hiatus and with it comes this work in progress image of one of their upcoming Alien figures.

This exquisitely detailed item looks to be the back of NECA’s interpretation of Kenner’s Snake Alien and will be part of their 13th series of ALIEN action figures, also focusing on a trio of items inspired by old Kenner toys.  It will be a while before this series of figures hits store shelves as no release announcement date has been made yet. Continue reading

WARNING: Choking Hazard.

This interesting juxtaposition  was pointed out to me sometime back on Facebook.  I forget who called it to my attention but it’s a great sample of why some toys shouldn’t be removed from their packaging.

Nonetheless, this is NECA’s ALIEN Series 3 Kane with facehugger attached; and is badged with the most appropriate use of this Warning on an action figure I’ve ever seen.


Hadley’s Hope ALIENS 2 Pack Soon.

TOYARK have posted a review of the upcoming NECA Hadley’s Hope 2 pack featuring Weyland Yutani representative, Carter Burke, and a concept Alien that serves as a bridge between the creature seen in the 1st movie and those that appear in the 2nd.  The new domed ALIENS warrior figure looks spectacular while the Burke item appears to be a near perfect likeness of actor, Paul Reiser.  I’m looking forward to this release.

Head over to TOYARK to read their review and check out their gallery of images for this pair of slimy bad guys.   NECA’s Hadley’s Hope 2 pack is expected to be released in a few weeks, in October.