NECA Reveals ALIEN Covenant Figures.

NECA have revealed their full line up of figures and merchandise accompanying the recent release of the new ALIEN Covenant movie.  The figures are in the 7 inch range that NECA have released successfully for ALIEN and PROMETHEUS movies.

Right now, NECA look like they’re heavily investing in the creatures that appear in the movie so we can expect to see the monsters in their various forms hit toy store shelves Continue reading

Danny McBride Shows Off New NECA ALIEN Covenant figure.

This image appeared on NECA’s Twitter account today of ALIEN Covenant actor Danny McBride (Captain Tennessee) showing off NECA’s new ALIEN Covenant action figure of the movie’s final Alien.  McBride is accompanied here by Randy Falk, NECA’s Director of Product Development.

McBride looks verrry happy with the new figure.  It looks like he’s signed it, too.  I’m hoping the box packaging we see here is going to be the one we see on store shelves rather than Continue reading

NECA Posts USCM Arsenal Images.

Posted on their Twitter as part of their regular ‘Facehugger Friday’ announcements, NECA reveal the packaging of their upcoming ‘USCM Arsenal Accessory Pack’ for your company of 7 inch tall NECA Colonial Marine figures.

Looks like a terrific range of accessories for you to hand over to Hicks, Hudson, Windrex, Vasquez and Frost when it hits shelves ‘…later this Summer’.  Northern hemisphere Continue reading

NECA Posts Meredith Vickers in Blister Test Package Image.

NECA posted an image of the blister package layout today of their upcoming Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) action figure.  The first of 3 new figures in their PROMETHEUS Lost Wave Series 4 action figures on Twitter.

Looks good to me.  I always liked Vickers as a character.  She was one of the brighter sparks on board the Prometheus and carried a well defined no bullshit “I like to minimise risk” attitude that the other characters lacked.  Well, up until she died that is.  Anyway, Continue reading

First Good Look at NECA’s New ALIEN Covenant Figure.

The first solid image of NECA’s new ‘Big Chap’, Xenomorph, Protomorph, Alien – whatever you want to call it – from 20th Century Fox upcoming ALIEN Covenant movie has been posted on Twitter.

The new critter possesses a number of variations from Giger’s original designs.  It’s a lot fleshier in appearance and much of its musculature is visible on the surface as well as an Continue reading

ALIEN UNIVERSE Merchandise Sneak Peak.

Over at A L I E N  UNIVERSE a selection of sneak peaks at upcoming merchandise has been posted.  Some of these items are very welcome…  others are just, um, strange.

Most exciting is our first good look at what NECA has in store for their new ALIEN: Covenant action figure.  Here it is at last!  Fantastic!  Six fingers and digitigrade legs along with a slew of fresh interpretations of familiar features adorn the critter we love to fear. This Continue reading

NECA Kenner Inspired ALIENS Vasquez Figure now Available.

Released in time for ‘ALIEN Day’ NECA’s new Kenner tribute Vasquez action figure is available from NECA’s online store.

The figure features the likeness of Jenette Goldstein along with over 25 points of articulation and includes a knife, a shin sheath and pulse rifle as accessories.  I don’t think her Smith & Wesson pistol is included and she certainly isn’t toting her smartgun in this Continue reading

PRJ since1990 Reviews NECA ALIENS Creature Pack.

I meant to add this item a couple weeks back, but it’s been a busy time in my life, what with KickStarter taking up a lot of my efforts, messing with Super7’s latest ALIENS action figure and real life stuff in general.  PRJ since1990 offers us his unboxing video for the NECA’s recently released ALIENS Creature Pack.

Duration: 10:59

Let’s find out what he thinks of it.  More importantly, let’s see if he has finally overcome his aversion to twist ties – or whether he still needs more therapy.  As always, it’s a great and informative video.

Don’t forget to like and share.  PRJ deserves all the attention he can get.


NECA’s Club X ALIEN International Plus Bonuses Explained.

NECA have released a ton of information and images regarding their CLUB x ALIEN initiative.  Included in the details is News about international partners, bonus revelations and some clarifications about what membership content entails.

Just take a look at that official image!  If that doesn’t conjure up your best notions of what Saturday morning cartoons should be like, then nothing will.  Actually it’s easier if I just let NECA have their say: Continue reading