1992 Kenner ALIENS Action Figure Comic Scans.

Here’s a set of scans for 13 issues of Darkhorse’ mini comics that accompanied select items from Kenner’s 1992 range of ALIENS action figures.

These 16 page mini comics featured coloured line drawn artwork of interacting characters based on toys and action figures from Kenner’s range of ALIENS merchandise released in that year.  They were exclusively included with this line of toys.

Download the ALIENS – Space Marines.rar file and enjoy some vintage accessory goodness in all it’s wild and ludicrous Glory!


Now Home Recovering.

Surgery went well and I am now at home.  Recovery looks like it will be a slow and tiring few weeks ahead of me while stumbling around on crutches.  I am improving daily.

Nonetheless, amidst this nagging fatigue propped up by medication and pain killers, I have had enough energy today to add a simple page to the Gallery section of the site outlining details of the ‘1991 Phantom Kenner ALIEN action figure’A dubious item that actually never existed but persists due to misinformation.  This often mistakenly identified Kenner item is frequently confused with other loose derivative figures date stamped 1991.


Happy 37th Anniversary, Ugly Old Friend.

I should have posted this yesterday, but still, it’s not too late.  37 years ago I received my very first Kenner Products ALIEN action figure on Christmas Day.  I’d seen the movie just weeks previously on its opening night in Melbourne on December the 6th.  The movie must have impressed me a lot because my mother bought me this thing.  I remember it was the last unwrapped present still sitting under the Christmas tree at the rear that hadn’t been claimed by anyone.  It turned out  my name was on the little card attached to it.  Of course, this is what was inside:

Obviously I still have it and it’s one of the the few possessions that’s been with me throughout my adult life and it has miraculously survived all kinds of upheaval and drama since I left my parents home, some 30 years ago.  Yeah.  I still have it, Ma. Thank you for this!

Now, at the tail end of 2016, I have so many of these things, I’m not really certain of how many I actually own.  One thing for sure, It’s the one Christmas gift the passing of time has not managed to erase from either my life or my memory.  Happy 37th Anniversary, ugly old toy!


Added: 1995 Tsukuda Hobby Completed Model Image Gallery.

For the 6th entry into the Hideous Plastic image Gallery, I present to you the 17 inch tall 1995 Tsukuda Hobby Completed Model.

This is one of the lesser known iterations of the family of figures derived from the original 1979 Kenner ALIEN action toy.  There’s nothing substantially remarkable about it and it certainly won’t win any prizes.  Nonetheless,  this relatively uncommon and little known pressing contributes to the increasing number of models and figures based on the original item in its own way.



Added: 1991 Halcyon ALIEN Model Kit Gallery.

I’ve added the 2nd image Gallery to the site. This set of images captures the Halcyon model kit.  This item was released in 1991 and was the 3rd iteration of the Kenner figure to be released.

This selection of images – along with all future Galleries I will be adding at a later date – will be available under ‘Collated Works’ in the drop down Menu just below the banner above.  Keep an eye out for these upcoming image collections!


“ALIEN TERROR” Movie Viewer Content Reconstruction.

Along with the 18 inch tall action figure, Kenner Products released a board game and a hand held movie viewer in 1979. The movie viewer features a grey casing and a white manual crank handle mechanism.  It was distributed with a single removable red 8mm movie clip cartridge.  The ALIEN cartridge contains a condensed 2 minute version of the movie titled, “ALIEN TERROR”. Continue reading