REVIEWED: 2017 Super7 Acid Green ALIENS Warrior.

It’s big.  It’s green.  It’s cuddly. You can see through it.  It’s the Super7 Acid Green ALIENS Warrior; and it’s a wonderful thing.  OK, maybe it’s not so cuddly; but it is GOOD and you WILL like it as outlined in my review of this Halloween 2017 released item.

As additional supplements to the review, you may also enjoy these 2  written pieces relating to this figure which recently appeared here on HIDEOUS PLASTIC:

Have fun with all this stuff! As usual, this item was a blast and an absolute joy to document.  Don’t forget to read the review for this brand new Acid Green Xenomorph! 


REVIEWED: Unofficial ReAction Figure Guide.

Occasionally I like to review more than just toys.  Sometimes – not often – I like to take a peek into books about toys.  Today, under the spotlight for evaluation is the Unofficial ReAction Figure Guide.

Super7 has been prolific of late, they’ve been driving force behind the Retro Action figure RenAissance in 3.75 inch toys with their ReAction figure line up.  ReAlly?  Yes.  ReAlly.  Now some clever dude has written a book about these small scale collectible toys.  ReAd the HIDEOUS PLASTIC review of the Unofficial ReAction Figure Guide right here. 

RemAin ReAssured it’s a ReAlly good ReAd.  lol. 🙂


REVIEWED: Super7 Blind Box ReAction Aliens.

ALIEN ReAction figures?  Too much of a good thing?  Had enough of this stuff, already?  Wait!  Here’s 3 more for you to collect.  The good folk at Super7 know we love these things so they keep cranking ’em out.  So here they are, the ReAction SPACE VILLAIN series blind box ALIEN figures.

Just like Ridley Scott keeps cranking out new ALIEN movies, these items will either be a welcome addition to your life; or you’ll moan and sigh from over-exposure.

This is the 2nd article in a series; and for this piece of work, let’s find out if these things are any good.  Find out in this review. 


REVIEWED: NECA Neomorph Action Figure.

I’ve been consciously avoiding reviewing any NECA figures until the ALIEN covenant stuff had been released.  Well, now this range of figures has reached Australian shores and I’ll be exploring these items in detail during the next month or so.

Think of it as Wabbit NECA Season, Dear Elmer.

So let’s get stuck into these things, shall we?  First up is the grisly little bastard known as the Neomorph.  Go ahead.  Read all about my impressions of this little darlin’.  I quite like it.  I’ll be tackling NECA’s iteration of David’s Xenomorph next week, too, so keep an eye out for that one.


REVIEWED: Funko Bloodied Covenant POP! Figure.

ALIEN Covenant merchandise is out in stores right now.  Easy to come by is the Funko range of POP! figures.  They’re cute. They’re happy.  They have big wide open eyes that reach into your soul with Joy.  Well, maybe not all of them fit that description.

I’ll openly admit the POP! range of collectibles really don’t appeal to me all that much.  At least these ones are uglier than most.  That’s a plus as far as I am concerned.  So here, is my review of one of the recently released ALIEN Covenant POP! figure by Funko, the bloodied Xeno/Protomorphy thingy.  Whatever people call it.