REVIEWED: Medicom Real Action Heroes ALIEN Figure.

It’s time to review something ugly.  This lanky rubbery item will do just fine.  Not only does the 12 inch tall Medicom Real Action Heroes ALIEN figure look like one of the best iterations of the Big Chap in action figure format, it’s also one of the more expensive.  There’s a good reason for that:  It’s one of the best.

Not only does this thing look good but it goes well beyond its accurate appearance by fully emulating the whole ‘man in a rubber suit’ quality of the original onscreen monster.

Brilliant!  Read the review and find out why.


REVIEWED: Kaiyodo’s REVOLTECH Series 001 ALIEN Figure.

Japan loves ALIEN stuff.  …and it’s obvious they have a significant obsession with it when you start looking around at the high number of ALIEN figures released in that country since 1984.  I don’t even know how many they have released but let’s take a closer look at this one.

This is Kaiyodo’s well known item from 2010, the SCI-FI REVOLTECH Series No. 001 ALIEN figure.  It’s relatively easy to come by still so let’s take a peek into what this figure has to offer with a review.


REVIEWED: Medicom Be@rbrick (100%) ALIEN Figure.

Along with the conventional range of ALIEN action figures that see release there’s also a fair share of oddities and novelty ALIEN items vying for Collector’s attention.  Some are good and some are just strange.

The Be@rbrick ALIEN is a fine example of a ‘non-traditional’ action figure treatment of the Alien character.  These truly remarkable oddities appeared as part of a blind box selection in 2015.  You could almost consider him to be cute – if he wasn’t out to bite your face off.

Feel free to rock on over and read the review of this nice ‘n’ nasty little Big Chap.


REVIEWED: 2014 SH MonsterArts ALIEN Big Chap Figure.

Alien Action figures generally come in all sizes ranging from 2 inches to 24 inches tall.  Intuitively, you’d think the larger items would be more detailed with greater articulation than their smaller counterparts and surprisingly that’s quite often not the case.

Consider Bandai’s SH MonsterArts 2014 Big Chap figure.  This item is less than 7 inches tall and yet it boasts an excess of over 40 points of attachment, movement and articulation.  Can you spot them all?

You don’t have to.  Just read the review on this surprising little figure and find out what it’s merits – and minor demerits – really are.


REVIEWED: Diamond Select ALIEN MiniMate Tribute Figure.

What’s only 3 inches tall and still wants to rip your face off?  Diamond Select Toy’s 2015 diminutive tribute to Kenner’s original ALIEN action figure.  That’s what; and you can read all about this sweet little darling cutie pie right now in this review.

Awwww… isn’t he so cute?  It’s enough to make you want to see him go and chew a kitten’s face off.