HIDEOUS PLASTIC – Preview Edition Now Available. FREE!

Today is the day I pledged to release a FREE sample of HIDEOUS PLASTIC in its current work in progress state for you to explore.  So here it is.  Right on schedule for 30 December is the Preview Edition.  This 30 page excerpt includes the entire first chapter of the manuscript in its current stage of development, in .pdf format.

Download the free PREVIEW Edition of HIDEOUS PLASTIC

[UPDATE] – This file (along with much of the information on this page) is now substantially out of date and the file has been removed.  An up to date version will be re-instated closer to when the book is ready to be published. 

Thank you for your interest in this item by visiting this page. 

Please keep in mind this is an early draft of the manuscript and it is continuing to evolve.  It represents approximately 15% of the book’s current content. As the book still requires a lot of attention, it won’t be available until late 2017.  Think of this release sample as a FREE ‘early access demo’; and like such demos it is  lacking in polish and presentation but most of its components are in place.

A lot of work still needs to be done on my part but any feedback is welcome.

Feedback can be sent to me.


Added: 2015 Gentle Giant 24 Inch Tall Replica ALIEN Gallery.

I’ve added another set of images  to the site’s Gallery section.

Gentle Giant’s 2015 release of their Kenner ALIEN ‘Replica’ Tribute figure is 24 inches tall.  This is one hefty brute of an action figure.  You’ll find a bunch of images there just waiting for you to drool over.  Well, if are of such inclination to drool, that is.  Maybe you should see a doctor.  …or maybe a vet.



First Peek at HIDEOUS PLASTIC Book.

Right now I am on schedule to release the first version of the Preview Edition of my new book, HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream.  For now, to help stir up some curiosity and generate more interest in the book, here’s a single page of how the content is shaping up.

When released, the Preview Edition will be a 30 page excerpt from the 200+ page book and the excerpt’s content will comprehensively document the early years of the notorious 18 inch tall Kenner Products ALIEN action figure.

This single page is a very early work in progress sample from the non-fiction volume (the complete book isn’t scheduled for release until late 2017).  The release of the excerpt is intended among other things to be a promotional exercise for the full book.  It is also to be considered an early and evolving manuscript subject to substantial changes depending on feedback I receive from the public during the months of early 2017.

The 30 page Preview Edition will be available for download on the 30th of December 2016 from Hideous Plastic (this site – don’t forget to bookmark it) as a FREE .pdf to anyone who wants to read it.

Don’t forget to find out more about HIDEOUS PLASTIC: In stores everyone can hear you scream by checking out these online resources:

You can read more about the book here.

You can read the FAQ here.

You can watch the Reveal video here.



NECA Teases ALIEN: Resurrection Ripley 8 Figure.

NECA has tweeted an image of what looks like the legs and boots of a 7 inch scale action figure of Ripley 8 from the movie, ALIEN: Resurrection.

Also included in the image is a test  shot of the Lacrima 99 assault/shock rifle that appears in ALIEN: Resurrection.  The image was accompanied with the text, “While we can’t show you anything from Covenant yet I can share a glimpse of the forthcoming resurrection

While I’m not a big fan of this movie, any content is going to be well received by people I know who will be very excited to see this get released.  No news is available when this item will appear on shelves or what other characters will be included but I suspect there will be at least 2 x3 series of figures released based on characters from this Cult movie.



Happy 37th Anniversary, Ugly Old Friend.

I should have posted this yesterday, but still, it’s not too late.  37 years ago I received my very first Kenner Products ALIEN action figure on Christmas Day.  I’d seen the movie just weeks previously on its opening night in Melbourne on December the 6th.  The movie must have impressed me a lot because my mother bought me this thing.  I remember it was the last unwrapped present still sitting under the Christmas tree at the rear that hadn’t been claimed by anyone.  It turned out  my name was on the little card attached to it.  Of course, this is what was inside:

Obviously I still have it and it’s one of the the few possessions that’s been with me throughout my adult life and it has miraculously survived all kinds of upheaval and drama since I left my parents home, some 30 years ago.  Yeah.  I still have it, Ma. Thank you for this!

Now, at the tail end of 2016, I have so many of these things, I’m not really certain of how many I actually own.  One thing for sure, It’s the one Christmas gift the passing of time has not managed to erase from either my life or my memory.  Happy 37th Anniversary, ugly old toy!


Added: 2016 Super 7 Faux 1986 ALIENS Prototype Gallery.

I have added Super 7’s  very strange limited edition 1986 ALIENS prototype figure to the Gallery.  This odd figure released in 2016 is a worthy addition to a long history of odd action figures of varying reputation.

This is a fake prototype for an action figure that never existed and was never marketed for a movie which had no such movie tie-in products of this type in it’s day whatsoever.  It’s a speculative ‘what if’ figure inspired by Kenner Products original ALIEN had the company chosen to continue releasing ALIENS merchandise during the 1980’s.



Added: 2015 Gentle Giant Gold ALIEN to the Gallery.

Yeah, Baby!  Look at what’s arrived just in time for Christmas.  Yes.  Another addition to the Gallery section of HIDEOUS PLASTIC.

This time the baroque and overly ostentatious gold edition of Gentle Giant’s 24 inch tall tribute figure gets its own set of images in the Gallery.   Wouldn’t it be amazing if one of those 3 Kings gave one of these things to little baby Jesus.  Now that would be something!


Added: 1995 Tsukuda Hobby Completed Model Image Gallery.

For the 6th entry into the Hideous Plastic image Gallery, I present to you the 17 inch tall 1995 Tsukuda Hobby Completed Model.

This is one of the lesser known iterations of the family of figures derived from the original 1979 Kenner ALIEN action toy.  There’s nothing substantially remarkable about it and it certainly won’t win any prizes.  Nonetheless,  this relatively uncommon and little known pressing contributes to the increasing number of models and figures based on the original item in its own way.



NECA Announces 1:1 Scale Alien Skull.

NECA wants you to “Add the ultimate trophy to your collection with this massive Xenomorph Skull replica!”

This life size 36″ long replica is hand painted and made from durable foam rubber and latex.  It includes a display stand for either tabletop use or wall mounting.  It will be available March, 2017.

As much as I love what NECA are doing with their excellent range of 7″ ALIEN action figures, I think I will pass on this item.  Honestly, I don’t think it’s that attractive and the particularly conspicuous overbite on the upper jaw makes me think this item would have ideal employment as a bottle opener.  In which case, if this was 4″ inches long, cast in brass and could be used to crack open a stubby, then I might lash out for one.  Alas, there’s no way I will be able to fit this life size prop in my pocket and show it off at BBQ’s while opening bottles of ale.  It’s just too damn ugly and falls well outside my area of interest.  Which includes drinking beer as much as it means collecting weird junk.