1992 Kenner ALIENS Action Figure Comic Scans.

Here’s a set of scans for 13 issues of Darkhorse’ mini comics that accompanied select items from Kenner’s 1992 range of ALIENS action figures.

These 16 page mini comics featured coloured line drawn artwork of interacting characters based on toys and action figures from Kenner’s range of ALIENS merchandise released in that year.  They were exclusively included with this line of toys.

Download the ALIENS – Space Marines.rar file and enjoy some vintage accessory goodness in all it’s wild and ludicrous Glory!

If you enjoy these, don’t forget we also have a set of unpublished Kenner ALIENS: Hive Wars Mini Comics you can download, too.


Now Home Recovering.

Surgery went well and I am now at home.  Recovery looks like it will be a slow and tiring few weeks ahead of me while stumbling around on crutches.  I am improving daily.

Nonetheless, amidst this nagging fatigue propped up by medication and pain killers, I have had enough energy today to add a simple page to the Gallery section of the site outlining details of the ‘1991 Phantom Kenner ALIEN action figure’A dubious item that actually never existed but persists due to misinformation.  This often mistakenly identified Kenner item is frequently confused with other loose derivative figures date stamped 1991.


I will be AWOL Due to Hip Replacement Surgery.

This poor crippled Alien and I have a very similar problem.  We both possess hip joints have been destroyed.  While this is quite literally a pain in the arse for me it can fortunately be repaired just like this fellow here.

This figure and I will undergo conceptually similar treatment. Clean up the existing mess, insert the new materials and parts then assemble it all back together.  We’ll both be Continue reading

Reviewed: NECA Thermal Vision Warrior Alien.

In my continuing efforts to transform this website into a NECA fan boy festival, here is my latest review.  It’s the glow in the dark Alien from 2004 ALIENS vs PREDATOR.  It’s basically a 3D action figure emulation of the Predator’s vision mode.

It is cool.  I do like it.  Read more about my thoughts on this special St Patrick’s Day celebration Alien.  Don’t forget to bring the beer.


NECA’s Warrior Alien – Vicious Alien Attacker! Packaging

We’ve all known about this item for a long time but NECA have revealed the package art for  their latest Kenner tribute item as part of their Alien series 11 set. The polar ice blue ‘Warrior Alien -Vicious Alien Attacker!’  That’s exactly what the original Kenner figure was called when it was released 20 years ago.

I like Aliens and I like the color blue.  So I will probably be getting one of these sometime.  Once again, NECA have used their Kenner inspired logo on the packaging.  They did so on their series 10 Kenner tribute figure packaging for the Gorilla and Mantis Alien as well as the Queen facehugger set and it looks like it’s well Continue reading

Let’s go See Some More of that PRJ since1990 Goodness.

Here’s PRJ since1990’s backlog of unboxing and review videos.  He knows I like his stuff and you should, too.  First up is is his older unpackaging and appreciation of NECA’s ALIEN series 7 transparent prototype figure.  Watch PRJ since1990 become hopelessly intoxicated on that wonderful ‘new toy smell.’  Yeah.  It’s a great figure. I have this one, too.

Duration: 8:31

PRJ since1990 will be continuing to create unboxing videos and I’ll be posting about Continue reading

I Gotta Start Promoting this Book Now. But I Need Your Help.

I know there is interest in a book about this old toy and now I need to generate further support for it prior to launching the KickStarter campaign in March.  Right now, I’m not reaching a wide enough audience and this is largely because I’m not dedicating adequate effort on my part to social media.

I recognise Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are great platforms for spreading the word so it’s essential and even mandatory  to have a presence on them.  I’ve done my task scheduling for the next 6 weeks and dedicating the time needed  to make these platforms work in favor of promoting the book is currently beyond me.

Continue reading

Now Gathering Costings for KickStarter Campaign.

This week I will be engaged in the essential task of compiling a budget and gathering costings for getting the 200+ page book, HIDEOUS PLASTIC, into your hands.  Among the costing tasks I will be investigating are:

  • Book designer.
  • Printer/binder.
  • Postage.
  • Insurance.
  • Remaining legal.
  • Editor.
  • Miscellaneous other items.

This will determine what funding needs to be raised as part of the KickStarter campaign commencing in early March.  The successful crowd sourcing of these funds will enable the printing and distribution of the book later this year; but I need to gather these figures first.  For me, this week will be spent chasing up quotes to this end.

Keep an eye on this site for more News and information regarding the upcoming KickStarter campaign and its impending announcement.


Video Unboxing and Review: ‘Rescuing Newt’ Deluxe Set.

Fellow ALIEN action figure enthusiast, PRJ since 1990, gives us his latest unboxing and review video.  This time he examines NECA’s recently released mass market edition of Ripley and Newt 2 pack ‘Rescuing Newt’, deluxe set.  I love his enthusiastic yet matter of fact presentation; plus his videos are always infused with good humor and insightful commentary.  Entertaining, informative and absolutely worthwhile.

Watch as PRJ since 1990 frees Ripley and Newt from the restrictive confines of plastic and light card while he confronts and grapples once again with  his Arch Nemesis, plastic coated wire twist ties:

Duration: 17:09

PRJ has been regularly releasing videos of such good content.  I recommend you check ’em out.  Don’t forget to subscribe!  …and Like, too.  Not only will it make him happy, but you’ll be kept up to date with his latest unboxings and videos – along with his constant and never ending battle against the evils of twist ties.