10 Hours Remain for the 30% off Early Bird Reward.

Only 10 hours remains if you want to snag a 30% discount on the HIDEOUS PLASTIC KickStarter Early Bird Pledge. 10 hours, that is, if you live in Australia.  The rest of the World is not far behind.   Once this Reward Tier has expired, the campaign will still continue for another 30 days but this Reward will no longer be available.

Now, if the world was flat, time zone issues wouldn’t be a problem, would they?  😉


KickStarter – Early Bird Reward Tier – Final 24 Hours.

Soon we will be entering the final remaining 24 hours of the KickStarter Early Bird Reward pledge.

Ending soon.

Once the Reward expires on the last day of March, the 30% discount offer will no longer be available as part of the KickStarter campaign.  You may want to act quickly if this is your preferred level of support and wish to make a pledge to help make this book a reality.

The HIDEOUS PLASTIC KickStarter campaign will continue for another 30 days but the lowest support tier that provides Backers with a copy of the book will soon be the full price Reward Tier that is the basis of the calculated budget for the book’s development costs.

Make a difference.  Make a Pledge.  Act soon!

Don’t let yourself get caught out by time zones.  This Project is based in Australia.


ALIEN: Covenant Trailer… in LEGO.

The fans are getting restless… and you know it’s true when they start emulating movie trailers with Lego.  Animated Lego is always cool and even more cool is an animated Lego version of the ALIEN: Covenant movie trailer.

This wonderful item by PaveSome films does not skip a beat in this excellent little frame by frame recreation of the movie trailer.  It is just perfect.  Little plastic dudes running around Continue reading

Super7 ALIENS Warrior is Now Available.

Super7’s speculative ‘Classic Toy Edition’ ALIENS Warrior action figure is now available from their web store.

At US$195 (plus postage) this is a pricey figure but keep in mind it is at least 18 inches tall and quite possibly closer to 19.  This is a tribute item that repurposes the original Kenner ALIEN figure and proposes what such a figure would have been like if Kenner’s original Continue reading

KickStarter Early Bird Pledge Expires Soon.

The Early Bird Reward Tier for the HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream. will expire soon.  This reward option is part of the KickStarter campaign and offers 30% discount off the standard Print Edition and it will become unavailable after March 31.  If you are interested in supporting the campaign at a cheaper rate then now is the time to act before it’s too late.  Supporting this tier will reward Backers with a copy of the book, sheduled to be published in October, 2017.   While the campaign will continue until late April, 2017 the Early Bird Reward Tier will soon no longer be available.

HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream. is a comprehensive 200 page resource book about the Kenner ALIEN action figure released in 1979.  The book is nearly complete.  A publisher, editor, typesetting and other print services are also ready to go.  All that remains now to set the final stages in motion and have the book delivered to Backers by Christmas is the financing to fund its completion.

Help bridge this final stage by making a Pledge.  Pledge today and receive a 30% discount on a unique book about one of the world’s great notorious children’s toys, the Kenner ALIEN action figure.



SPOTLIGHT: 2014 Gentle Giant Glow in the Dark ALIEN

Shining a spotlight on this figure is a highly desirable and appropriate thing to do.  2014 witnessed the release of Gentle Giant’s own take on the Classic action figure.  Their release was fully 25% larger than the original figure presented in a large black box featuring white artwork.

This enormous 24 inch tall figure is cast in luminous green plastic and will glow in the dark once held under bright lights.  It was the first of 4 variants produced by Gentle Giant Continue reading

KickStarter – 48 Hour FLASH SALE! is Now Over.

The HeartStarter FLASH SALE! is now over.  Some people decided to make a Pledge and take advantage of the cheapest rate on offer and that’s terrific.  Now that the HeartStarter incentive has expired, it’s still not too late to demonstrate your support for this Project and still benefit from a cheaper rate.

The Early Bird Reward option is still available and offers 30% off the standard Full Print Edition reward.  It’s a substantial saving for anyone who wants a copy of the book at a very affordable Pledge level.  Visit the KickStarter campaign page for more details.

As is the nature of this reward tier, the Early Bird Reward will expire at the end of the month.  It will stay active for 2 more weeks so please keep in mind this offer will terminate on March 31.

Thank you to everyone who took advantage of the HeartStarter FLASH SALE!  Figures for the campaign have been generally lower than I had anticipated and while they still remain a little short of required numbers to be successful, this activity has helped the campaign gain some much needed traction to get back into the race.

HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream. may be off life support but it still needs your help.  Make a Pledge today! 

Thank you for your much needed support.