Carter Burke Coming from NECA.

NECA are one day early on their regular weekly ‘Facehugger Friday‘ announcements and what a terrific reason to bring it forward.  The new ALIENS 2 pack being released this October contains all kinds of goodies.

NECA has been teasing the Hadleys Hope accessory sign for a while along with an upcoming 2 pack but the identity of the actual figures remained undisclosed.  We now Continue reading

NECA Reveals ALIEN Series 12 Figures.

As has been known for some time, NECA will revisit Hadley’s Hope.  Series 12 will be comprised of 4 figures instead of the usual 3.  2 humans and 2 Aliens will be present in the set.  Each of these characters have seen prior release but these fresh pieces contain alternate and improved features.  More details from NECA below:

Happy #FacehuggerFriday! Let’s celebrate with an announcement, shall we? Continue reading


Around 2 years ago, sometime in June 2015 if I remember correctly, I accidentally dropped a flawless 1979 Kenner ALIEN action figure and destroyed it.   This particular item was extremely valuable to me as it had been given to me by my mother at Christmas, 1979.  The head snapped off and both arms were damaged. At least the dome remained unbroken but to say the least a lot of rude words were used freely and liberally on that day. I decided I could fix the unfortunate victim of my carelessness.  So I set about to do so.

I hunted for a damaged figure on Ebay with the intention of cannibalising it for parts to replace the damaged and broken ones on my figure. I found one that was perfect for my Continue reading

1:4 Scale Queen Alien Photos from Matrix Studios.

Matrix Studio have released photos of their upcoming Queen Alien statue.  At 1:4 scale, HRH is a staggering 42 inches high with a footprint of 48×22 inches.  This enormous figure includes a light up base and an egg.

In order to display this behemoth, you’ll need all the room you can get.  So sell that 2nd car and fill the empty space with something useful.  One of these things will do.  You know you want to.

Due for release around the end of June and costing around US$1100, it’s almost affordable.  More images after the break.  Just click on the link, OK?  lol.

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Q&A with Nic Durham, Author of The Unofficial ReAction Figure Guide Book.

A new book about those popular 3.75 inch tall Super7 toys we’ve been seeing all over the place during the past few years is about to be released this month.  ReAction Figures – Unofficial Action Figure Guide, 2013-2016 is a full color guide book by UK author, Nic Durham.

Nic was kind enough to put aside some time to provide some insight into the production of this publication.  You can read his answers to my questions.


REVIEWED: Medicom Real Action Heroes ALIEN Figure.

It’s time to review something ugly.  This lanky rubbery item will do just fine.  Not only does the 12 inch tall Medicom Real Action Heroes ALIEN figure look like one of the best iterations of the Big Chap in action figure format, it’s also one of the more expensive.  There’s a good reason for that:  It’s one of the best.

Not only does this thing look good but it goes well beyond its accurate appearance by fully emulating the whole ‘man in a rubber suit’ quality of the original onscreen monster.

Brilliant!  Read the review and find out why.


NECA Reveals New ‘Ultimate Edition’ ALIENS Xenomorph.

Today NECA revealed their plans to release an updated ‘Ultimate Editions’ of the 1986 ALIENS warrior xenomorph “…with added articulation, accessories and more.”  Sounds good so far. We can expect more details next week.  Here’s the latest tweet from NECA.   It looks like this figure will see release in 2 chewy flavours of blue and brown to cater to all you variant hungry fans who aren’t happy with just more of the same thing.  Thank you NECA!  Lookin’ sweet.  More promotional images after the break. Continue reading

Unofficial ReAction Figure Book Nears Completion.

Author, Nic Durham has posted a video of his upcoming ReAction figure book.  The book is currently in development and in the final stages of preparation with proof copy currently being assessed by the Author.

Here’s a Facebook video of the book’s contents.  This does look neat – even if it represents only half of what the finished publication will look like.  There’s a ton of work on show here and I wish Nick all the success in the world for this ambitious Project.  Fab!


REVIEWED: Kaiyodo’s REVOLTECH Series 001 ALIEN Figure.

Japan loves ALIEN stuff.  …and it’s obvious they have a significant obsession with it when you start looking around at the high number of ALIEN figures released in that country since 1984.  I don’t even know how many they have released but let’s take a closer look at this one.

This is Kaiyodo’s well known item from 2010, the SCI-FI REVOLTECH Series No. 001 ALIEN figure.  It’s relatively easy to come by still so let’s take a peek into what this figure has to offer with a review.