Section 9, Life Size ALIEN: Covenant Statue.

Here’s a nice addition to your front door entry way.  It’s a life size statue of the creatures that appear in the recent Ridley Scott movie, ALIEN: Covenant.

At 8 feet tall, this behemoth is going to demand some space in your display area.  It includes a green illuminated display base and “was created from the movie’s actual production files”.  You can order it online right now from the manufacturer, Section 9 and have it sent to me immediately.  Don’t delay!

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ALIEN-MAN – Because he Dared to Dream!

UPDATED 26/11/17.

Look! It’s Spymo’s ALIEN-MAN. The most amazing action figure ever; and everyone who is interested in toys should own one!

Everything here looks relatively familiar.  The Kenner like package design boasts the placement of the product number ‘No. 0001’ and ‘Ages 4 and up’ badged on the upper corners. There’s also the attraction that this action figure features the likness of Bolaji Continue reading

REVIEWED: 2017 Super7 Acid Green ALIENS Warrior.

It’s big.  It’s green.  It’s cuddly. You can see through it.  It’s the Super7 Acid Green ALIENS Warrior; and it’s a wonderful thing.  OK, maybe it’s not so cuddly; but it is GOOD and you WILL like it as outlined in my review of this Halloween 2017 released item.

As additional supplements to the review, you may also enjoy these 2  written pieces relating to this figure which recently appeared here on HIDEOUS PLASTIC:

Have fun with all this stuff! As usual, this item was a blast and an absolute joy to document.  Don’t forget to read the review for this brand new Acid Green Xenomorph! 


Dallas Mock Up Card Added to the Prototype Gallery

Yet another set of images of a unique item graces our ever expanding gallery of prototype and production items.  This time around we have a mock up backing card of Kenner’s Dallas action figure from their cancelled and unproduced 3.75 inch range of ALIEN action figures.

This card may possibly be the only one of its type still existing.  It is certainly one of the oldest known work in progress samples of such packaging for Kenner’s ALIEN range of products.

Thank you Steve Dwyer for contributing information and images of this item to be used in the gallery.  This item is a true gem.

Don’t forget to check out the other amazing relics and unique items to be found in the HIDEOUS PLASTIC Prototype Gallery.  If you own any production samples or prototype items like those being showcased on that page, let me know and I’ll add it to the gallery.  Full credit will be recognised and I don’t/won’t post items without permission from owners, either.


Super Size Lime Flavoured Alien Arrived Today.

Q). What’s big, green, scary lookin’ and arrived today?

A). Super7’s latest 18 inch tall iteration of their 1986 ALIENS Kenner tribute figure landed on my doorstep today.  I have mixed feelings about this item’s arrival…Firstly, let’s just say it looks awesome!  Thank you Super7 for this fantastic item.  Sadly, it has suffered during transit and the box has been crushed and a little torn despite being well packed inside a sturdy mailer box.  The damage is visible on the lower left front corner and lower left side of the box in the image above.  Gah!  The hazards of international postage.  A bit disappointed about that. *sigh*  Oh, well.   I’m going to open it anyway but goods shouldn’t arrive in this condition.

Anyway, no matter.  Now that I am in possession of one of these things it will receive a lot of attention.   Here is my immediate list:

  • There will be a written review appearing on this site sometime later this week. (Done – you can read it here.)
  • I will be completing this item’s entry on the Kenner ALIEN family page.  (Done.)
  • I will also be updating and completing the gallery images and product details on the already extant Acid Green ALIENS Warrior information page.  (Also done.)

That short list will do for a start.  I’m looking forward to getting up close and personal with this item and getting all familiar with the transparent figure.  I am particularly interested in seeing how the jaw activation system works.

Keep an eye out for these updates.


How big is this Thing, Exactly? Experiments on Scale.

I understand the convenience of using coins to demonstrate the size of an item.  Everybody knows what a coin is.  This makes such a common item for comparing sizes a popular choice.  Unfortunately, it’s  all too often an inaccurate means of measuring an action figure.  Coins of an international origin can be different sizes and multiple different sized coins can complicate gauging the size of a figure.

To this end, this article explores the problems inherently present with using coins (and by extension, other common objects) to measure the size of action figures; and the size of anything else, really.


Q&A with Super7’s Brian Flynn.

Super7’s latest ALIENS tribute figure was released this past Halloween and it’s glorious.  At 18 inches of fluorescent transparent green from head to tail tip, this item is a welcome addition to a long line of figures inspired by the original 1979 Kenner Products ALIEN action figure.

I’ve been fortunate enough to catch up with Brian Flynn, owner of Super7 and ask him a few questions about this new addition to the long standing legacy of ALIEN action figures.

Not only was Brian kind enough to answer questions regarding the new lime coloured figure but he was also prepared to divulge answers to other inquiries such as ALIEN Wave 3 ReAction figures, play sets and well, some terrific reveals regarding what we can expect in the future of Super7’s ALIENS licence.

You can read my Questions & Answers session with Brian right now.


A Small Update for the Prototypes Gallery.

A small update to the HIDEOUS PLASTIC Prototype Gallery with the addition of a pair of images of a clear prototype faceplate for the 3.75 inch tall Kane compression suit figure.  It’s been added along with a couple fresh photos the figure to which it was intended.  You can view images of them right here.

Thank you, Steve Dwyer for sharing this content with the rest of us!  It’s great to witness such glimpses into the lost history of toys so many of us love.  It’s only in the hands of such collectors that many of these unique items have survived; and sharing such images raises their significance and public awareness.

Our Prototypes Gallery is slowly but surely growing.  You might be surprised at the content and support we are now receiving so go take a peek at it.  If you are in possession of any such prototypes, in particular any Kenner ALIEN toys from last Century, please drop me a line and we’ll organise to add them to the gallery with your permission.  As usual, you will be honored with full credit on your behalf.


Improvised Display Stand Idea.

Here’s a neat little idea you might like to try out if you’re wanting some display stands and have a jar or 2 lying around the place that you’re not doing anything with.  Use the lids as display stands for your figure(s).  You know, the ones; those figures that need additional support when those crappy display stands supplied by the manufacturer just don’t measure up to the task *sigh*.

These jar lids have a hole drilled into them and a screw driven through for attaching to the foot/feet of a figure of your choice.  They are painted black and finished with a varnish.   This wonderful improvisation using easily found household materials was made by Yiğit Emin Kalaycıoğlu and they work like a treat!

Thanks for the great idea!  I’m definitely going to try this sometime.