NECA Club X ALIEN Exclusive Figure Revealed.

If you were committed enough to participate in NECA’s ALIEN Club X program (I didn’t) then you’ll be in the unique position to purchase an exclusive ALIEN item, the Kenner Tribute Purple Warrior figure.  This item is only available to Club X members fulfilling requirements of their membership.  Aren’t you lucky?  The coloration is based on card art illustration appearing on the diorama members received earlier this year.  NECA posted this image on their Facebook page.

This exclusive blueberry flavoured hybrid figure is a recasting of the domed warrior appearing in NECA’s recently released Burke and Domed Warrior 2 pack set.   This is kind of cool but I can see Club X members might be a little disappointed to receive a coloured recasting of an already extant figure instead of something truly unique for their dedication.


NECA’s Scorpion Alien, Work in Progress Images.

Here’s a couple of images released on NECA’s twitter page of what looks like their upcoming Scorpion Alien Kenner tribute figure.  One image appears to be an early evaluation sample of the figure annotated with amendments and changes; while the other image looks like a component list and diagrams of various appendages along with their descriptions.

It’s not known when the Scorpion Alien tribute figure is going to hit store shelves but it’s expected to arrive some time next year.  This particular Alien from the 1990’s was one of my favorites. so I may get one of these.  Continue reading

Updated NECA ALIENS Visual Checklist.

As part of their ‘5 Days of Downloads’ Christmas celebrations, NECA have posted an updated version of their ALIENS Visual Checklist – an infographic of all 82 released and announced ALIENS figures in the 7 inch range to date.  It can be downloaded from NECA right now and is available as an extra-large, 300 dpi JPG.

There are 2 versions available to download, the standard version as seen above and another version featuring card backer art.  Both are great!  NECA have made this an end of year annual event and an updated version of this chart has been available from them during the last few years.  Needless to say, it’s growing in size each year. Continue reading

Hand Made ALIEN Crochet Pattern.

It’s the perfect gift for someone who loves cuddly little toys that want to rip your face off.

The pattern for crocheting this super cute 8 inch tall Alien can be purchased here, on Etsy.  Once paid for, just download the pattern as a PDF file.  Apparently, the pattern is really easy to follow and results are terrific.  Here’s what the designer has to say about it.  “This pattern is for the medium advanced crocheters but if you are ready to try I am always ready to help. You should know basic crochet stitches including chain, slip stitch, single crochet, decrease, increase and how to start with magic ring.”

I guess you could use off white wool along with some small modifications to the pattern to crochet a Neomorph, too, if you wish.


Prototype Gallery Update No.4 – 1997, Newborn.

Photos of a prototype of the 1997 Kenner (Hasbro) ALIEN: Resurrection Newborn action figure have been added to the Prototype Gallery.

Thank you, Adam ‘Proto_hoarder’ Saker, for permitting the use of the photos on the page dedicated to this prototype sample.

This is the last of this batch of updates for the prototype gallery for now; and some terrific items have been added with this Round with the generous assistance of Steve Dwyer and Adam ‘Proto_hoarder’ Saker.  I hope to post some more images of Kenner ALIEN prototypes again soon.  Right now, all the images can easily be viewed from the link found on the PROTOTYPE FIGURE GALLERY menu item on the sidebar to the right; or you can  follow this link.

If you have any such figures in your possession and would like to see them appear on HIDEOUS PLASTIC, a site that respectfully showcases these figures, please contact me. and we can arrange to have images of them posted with appropriate credit and details.  I refuse to post such content without appropriate permission from the people who own them.  Thank you.


Prototype Gallery Update No.3 – 1994, Action Masters Queen.

For today’s hat trick of prototype gallery updates we have a sample for a figure already represented in our gallery.  This is the 2nd version of the Queen Alien making it an addition to an existing page dedicated to the die cast Action Masters figure.

Nonetheless, it’s a unique item in its own right and we’re proud and excited to have it represented on our pages. Kenner Queen Alien prototype – too awesome!

Thank you Steve Dwyer for permission to use images in this gallery entry.


Prototype Gallery Update No.2 – 1994, Kenner AvP Alien

I’m very pleased to present our 2nd addition to the prototype figure gallery for today.  Here is the 1994, Kenner (Hasbro) AvP Alien.

The very first ALIENS vs PREDATOR action figures were released by Kenner in 1994 in a neat 2 pack.  This particular figure also enjoyed later release in 1996 as the blue Warrior Alien – Vicious Alien Attacker! in 1996.  Go check it out.

Thank you Steve Dwyer for the use of images for this gallery item.


Prototype Gallery Update – 1998 Acid Alien.

The Prototype Gallery continues to grow and I have a number of updates coming in the next day or so.  Here’s the first one.  It’s pretty cool, too.

Go check it out!

The 1998, Kenner (Hasbro) Acid Alien Attack Warrior was Inspired by the creature seen in ALIEN 3, this item was designed in the mid 1990’s but didn’t see production until 1998 to be released as part of Kenner’s final ALIEN action figure range, ALIENS: Hive wars.

I’d like to thank Adam ‘Proto_hoarder’ Saker for the permission to use his images and making this contribution.