Toy Fair 2017: Super 7 ReAnimated Figures – ‘COMING SOON’!

I don’t know anything about these items just yet but they look to be a companion series to Super7’s extant range of ALIEN ReAction figures but given a more 21st Century treatment.

What we see here is a pair of Aliens, completely different from Super 7’s previous treatment of the character.   A totally fresh set of sculpts. The white figure is of particular note.  We can clearly see that these figures will possess the same amount of articulation present in the previously released ReAction line.  Movement at the hips and shoulders are clearly visible.  I’m guessing the tail and head can also be rotated.  If the tongue can migrate inside the mouth, that will bring the number of articulation points on this figure up to 7.  Exactly the same amount as the Alien in its ReAction incarnation.    There’s no sign of any packaging but to the far right we can see packaging for what will be Super 7’s mass market Blind Box Alien figure.  Packaging that is not related to these items.

There’s also some artwork of one of the Nostromo’s compression suits present behind these 2 figures along with other character artwork as well – What is possibly a modern interpretation of Ripley (and flame thrower), a Predator and Planet of the Apes figures we can probably expect to see released sometime as well.  Anyway, those 2 Aliens, though.  They look sweet and display a much more contemporary stylised presentation that will appeal to 21st Century sensibilities.  They may even be slightly larger, around 5″ – or taller – than Super7’s previous ReAction figures.  Nice.

Looking forward to seeing how these series takes off.  I’m betting this is the start of a longer running product line for Super 7.  They also like to pump out variants and a pair of different figures of the same character displayed here might be indicative this series will follow in the footsteps of that trend.

I’m very curious to see more information about these items.  Now awaiting Official announcent.

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