Toy Fair 2017: My Personal Favorite so far.

There’s a ton of News regarding ALIEN action figures and toys coming out of Toy Fair 2017 and honestly, it’s a bit much.  So far, my favorite items are the pair of Kenner inspired Super 7 1986 ALIENS Warriors.  These items immediately elevated themselves to the top of  my ‘must have list’.

The important thing is the details on the display card front and center between both figures which verifies there will be 2 variants available.  Here’s the details from the card:

“Available Spring 2017.
Alien Warrior (1986)
18″ Posable Action Figure
The imagined successor the 1979 Kenner Alien Toy.  Fully articulated with glow accents, metallic snapping jaws and retro style packaging.  Available in ‘Classic Toy’ Matte Black and ‘Marine Ambush’ Brushed Metal.”

No doubt the ‘glow accents’ will be on the surface of the head, much like the 1979 figure and all articulation is emulated from the original, too.  The retro packaging looks like a snappy homage to the older box with all the images on the panels emulating the Kenner’s  1979 packaging.  It looks like there will be a pair of windows in it – one on the top and one on the front.  Perfect.  I can’t wait to get my hands on these things.  That is, one in each hand.  Nice.

I’m so excited about these being released.  Not only are these items ‘imagined successors’ but these figures are direct derivatives of the original Kenner figure.  Finding out about these items has really made my day!  Once these items are released, they will be the 11th and 12th iterations of the Kenner ALIEN action figure

That’s 2 more Kenner based ALIEN figures for my collection.

Another 2 additions to the Gallery.

Another pair of entries into my book.

To be released in Spring 2017.   That’s, like, almost next week!  Well, sort of.  Very soon, anyway.  Either way, it’s sooner than I was anticipating.  Sooo happy right now!

Thank you, ToyArk for posting this news.  …and thank you Super 7 for making these a reality.


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