Super 7 Demonstrates 1986 ALIENS ‘Snapping Jaws’

Super7 have posted this instagram video of their recently released 18 inch tall 1986 ALIENS Warrior action figure.  This ‘Classic Toy Edition’ variant of the figure demonstrates its wonderfully aggressive ‘snapping jaws’ feature.

This trigger operated feature appears to be an exact emulation of the system to be found on the vintage Kenner figure:

Pretty cool, huh.  The footage at bottom is from the 1979 Kenner ALIEN television commercial.  You can find that video along with a bunch of other links to videos.  I am  Definitely looking forward to having this object of great beauty in my life.  Sweet!


2 thoughts on “Super 7 Demonstrates 1986 ALIENS ‘Snapping Jaws’

  1. Very snazzy indeed. Love seeing the inner jaws as an action feature. Just pulling them forward with a pair of tweezers just doesn’t have the same impact. Can’t wait to see your review of this thing. When’s it due?

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