Older Reviews Ported Over to their New Home.

As part of my current restructuring and plan for forward movement along with using this site as my base of operations for all things hideous and plastic, I’m slowly upgrading and adding content to the site.  Today I completed the porting of a bunch of older reviews over to hideousplastic.com.  I wrote them.  They belong here.  Now they’re home.

Links to these items already existed on this site but the content was previously hosted on AvP Galaxy.  The content is now residing here under a single umbrella with all my other articles and stuff. The reviews are still present on AvP Galaxy and Corporal Hicks was kind enough to host them while I was building this site.  It’s always been my intention to bring them here. Now I’ve I finally had some time that task has been completed.

7 items were ported over and all Reviews can be accessed from the Menu at the top of the page.  The freshly ported reviews include following:



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