Mondo Mondoids ALIEN Coming Soon.

Courtesy of Bloody Disgusting comes news that Mondo, makers of Madballs and other pieces of weirdness, are about to unleash a new series of designer vinyl figures based on pop culture figures onto the world.  Among the series 1 release wave will be our good and reliable buddy, the Alien.

So what exactly are Mondoids, anyway?  “Each Mondoid, designed by Scarecrow Oven, is a uniquely freaky take on popular characters, and feature removable heads which can be mixed and matched with other Mondoids‘ themed bodies and bases!” 

Mondo has a presence at this week’s San Diego Comic Con (July 19 – 23), at Booth #835.

Pre-orders for this item will soon be available from Mondo’s Website.  For more information and images, visit Bloody Disgusting.  Here’s a couple more images to pique your interest.  It looks like the 2 part figure is comprised of the Alien head, dorsal appendages and tail loosely sit on a facehugger base.  The facehugger’s dismembered tail is being held in the Alien’s mouth.  Tasty:


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