Get Yer ALIEN Matryoshka Nesting Dolls.

These were announced sometime earlier this year but I hadn’t realised they had been released.  All the same, PPW Toys’ ALIEN – Wood Nesting Dolls have been available for some time now.

Totally worth it for the WTF..? value, I say.  These wooden nesting dolls are just like the real thing.  Well, they are the real thing; but instead of traditional Russian dolls seated inside one another you have facehuggers and chestbursters ready to be freed from the confines of wooden torsos.  Nice.

PPW Toys description is here: “Introducing the Alien Wood Nesting Dolls Set.  The first in our Artist-Series of Nesting Dolls being released by PPW Toys, featuring the artwork of Andrew Stattmiller. Five dolls are included in the line-up representing characters and iconic scenes from the classic 1979 film Alien.  From smallest to largest the dolls come complete with an egg, a face-hugger, chest-burster, Ripley and finally the fully-grown Xenomorph.  Made of real wood, this set is a must-have for collectors and fans!  Recommended Age 8+

These items, the largest measuring in at 5.5 inches, can be purchased from PPW Toys online store.  Have fun with these!




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