Eaglemoss Glow in the Dark Variant Grid Alien.

Silly me.  I have been neglecting to mention the Eaglemoss series of collectibles here on HIDEOUS PLASTIC – and these things have been appearing regularly for quite a while now.  Well, anyway, I’ll attempt to keep an eye out on these items a little more.  Anyway, here’s their glow in the dark variant of the Grid Alien, a character that appears in the ropy – but generally fun – ALIEN vs PREDATOR movie from 2004.Here’s what Eaglemoss have to say about these collectible items:The Alien and Predator Figurine Collection features the most iconic characters and creatures from all of the Alien and Predator movies. This highly detailed hand-painted model is cast in metallic resin and stands at approximately 5.5 inches tall.

More information regarding the currently released range of Eaglemoss ALIEN and PREDATOR collectibles.  There’s quite a few of ’em now in this neat little range of 5 inch tall figurines.

I gotta admit it, I do like the glow in the dark stuff and of all the items Eaglemoss have released to date, this is the one item that actually has some appeal.  Alas, Eaglemoss doesn’t distribute these items in Australia so I’m willing to pass on this one.

No doubt, I will live to regret it. lol.


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