Eaglemoss ALIEN Reveals at NYCC 2017.

Looks like Eaglemoss is going to be hitting this year’s New York Comic Con with a deluge of ALIEN themed merchandise.  Included is some big surprises.  Spearheading this range of figurines will be a pair of 2 packs featuring tributes to old Classic Kenner ALIENS action figures.

First up, is the Bull and Gorilla Alien tribute items as part of Eaglemoss’ ALIENS Retro Collection.  Now these look terrific!  They won’t have any articulation by the looks of it but this set looks fantastic and comes in a neat 2 pack.

Are you stoked by this announcement?  Well, you should be otherwise what are you doing visiting this site..?  But wait… there’s more.  How much more?  Read on and find out.

Check this out.  It’s Eaglemoss’ take on Kenner’s Snake Alien and the Mantis Alien.  Just when you thought NECA had a monopoly on these tribute items these brutes have come along to knock over your expectations.  Once again, it’s a 2 pack and like the aforementioned Bull and Gorilla Aliens these appear to perfectly capture the outlandish concepts Kenner originally stocked on toy shelves over 20 years ago.

Just hang on though, we’ve only gotten started as to what to expect from Eaglemoss, a market leader in figurine manufacturing.   We’ll be seeing some very special editions coming from them as well and available at NYCC 2017.  This selection of ugly things will be gracing their Booth #1520 at New York Comic Con.

You can expect to find these items there as well.  The Facehugger, Newborn, Queen and King Aliens.  Oh my.  These things are all apparently going to be available at the Con. 

Oh, and don’t forget the Glow in the Dark variant of the Grid Alien from 2004’s AvP.  Apparently he’ll be making his appearance as well.

Want more?  Sure.  There’s more – if you still have any contents left in your poor depleted  wallet.  The Space Jockey and USCS Nostromo will  also be available.

The Nostromo is the first vehicle to featured in this collection.  It’s 8 inches long, limited to a production run of only 5000 and will include a certificate of authenticity.

The New York Comic Con event is being held the Javits Center in NYC on October 5-8, 2017. Non-attendees will be able to purchase these items from the Eaglemoss online store at some point.


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