Prototype Gallery Update.

In the interest of providing new and interesting content to everyone visiting HIDEOUS PLASTIC, I have the pleasure of announcing 3 excellent additions to the prototype gallery.  New content includes a terrific example of a 1992 ALIENS Alien Queen test shot mounted on a mock up backing proof along with a pair of different prototype versions of the ALIEN: Resurrection Signature Series Warrior ALIEN.Photographs and a brief description accompanies each of these 3 items.  Check them out.  They are fantastic!

As usual, these entries would not have been possible without the kind permission of contributors allowing me to use this content.  My appreciation and gratefulness goes to Steve Dwyer and toyzonehk.  Thank you both for helping to expand the content of the prototype gallery.

While on the subject of prototype figures, I have added a few more details to the already extant article on the curious history of Kenner’s Pocket Size ALIEN Legend  You may like to check that out, too.  Thank you again Steve for the additional information and the use of the extra image content.  Too much awesome and I’m pleased to see it!

Anyone who is in possession of any prototype ALIEN action figure image material is welcome to make a contribution to the gallery.  Please contact me if you wish to do so.  You will be credited.


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