Cool props 1:3 ALIEN Maquette.

Cool props have a gallery stocked full of images of their upcoming statue of the creature from ALIEN.  At 1:3 scale it’s going to be a decent size.  As the Alien measures about 8 feet tall, this statue will be around the 2’8″ in height.

The Cool Props website is completely in Japanese – so we’ll have to wait until an official English website by Sideshow collectibles is available – so information is a little restricted.

I’ve been wondering why it’s called a ‘maquette’.  A maquette is a 3D concept piece, a sculpture used as a model to further aid in the development of a Project – and not a finished piece, which this is.  This is more of a statue than a maquette.  Japanese do things a little differently, I guess.

More images after the break.


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