Mamegyorai’s 1:3 ALIEN Project Images.

Stunning images have emerges from the recent Tokyo Comic Con 2017 of what appears to be a prototype of a new statuette of the Giger designed Alien creature.  The Japanese maker, Mamegyorai, had some incredible samples of their work in progress on show at their booth at the event.

The statuette is in the 1:3 scale range and posed in the classic stooped over stance.  This is an uncommon pose for manufacturers to adopt for sculpting the Big Chap but it is certainly welcome.  Mamegyorai’s website is entirely in Japanese so you’ll need to translate it but the upshot is they are “proud that it has already become a model that surpasses all of Big Chap products released so far at the moment of modeling.”

I can’t argue with that.  Proud, they should be.  To me, this looks to be the most accurate representation yet created by anyone of 1979’s Big Chap.  The attention to detail is astounding.  Proportions, placement, positioning, stance; along with surface details and, well, everything else is perfectly represented in this figure.

There’s no release date or pricing detailed as yet, nor any idea what materials will be used and certainly no idea of what the finish will be like but it’s a safe bet Mamegyorai’s new item won’t be cheap.  I’ll be looking forward to following up this statuette as I find out more about it.



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