Cool Props 1:3 Scale ALIEN. Pre-orders Now Open.

 The Cool Props Giger’s ALIEN 1:3 scale maquette/statuette is now available for pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles.
This nearly 3 foot tall statue is going to cost you a dollar shy of US $1,500.  That’s actually not bad considering the quality that appears to be on display here. Here’s what Sideshow has to say about this astounding piece. “At the H.R. Giger exhibition held in Japan known as “H.R. GIGER EXHIBITION IN JAPAN 87”, the Alien statue on display was made from the screen-used suit for the movie “ALIEN”. Many fans were fascinated with its beauty still hold this Alien display as a holy grail.

30 years have passed by since the exhibition and this Alien statue is now welcoming the visitors at Museum HR Giger in Switzerland.

Under the cooperation of Museum HR Giger, CoolProps were able to gather information from the museum and was able to faithfully reproduce the Alien statue.

The case you can display along with this statue also replicates the atmosphere of the museum down to the wood frame. The museum base is replicated exactly.

Approved by the Museum H.R. Giger, this is a holy grail for any Alien fan!”

This item is expected to ship sometime between May-August 2018.  Check out the Sideshow site for more details.


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