Prototype Gallery Update No.4 – 1997, Newborn.

Photos of a prototype of the 1997 Kenner (Hasbro) ALIEN: Resurrection Newborn action figure have been added to the Prototype Gallery.

Thank you, Adam ‘Proto_hoarder’ Saker, for permitting the use of the photos on the page dedicated to this prototype sample.

This is the last of this batch of updates for the prototype gallery for now; and some terrific items have been added with this Round with the generous assistance of Steve Dwyer and Adam ‘Proto_hoarder’ Saker.  I hope to post some more images of Kenner ALIEN prototypes again soon.  Right now, all the images can easily be viewed from the link found on the PROTOTYPE FIGURE GALLERY menu item on the sidebar to the right; or you can  follow this link.

If you have any such figures in your possession and would like to see them appear on HIDEOUS PLASTIC, a site that respectfully showcases these figures, please contact me. and we can arrange to have images of them posted with appropriate credit and details.  I refuse to post such content without appropriate permission from the people who own them.  Thank you.


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