Updated NECA ALIENS Visual Checklist.

As part of their ‘5 Days of Downloads’ Christmas celebrations, NECA have posted an updated version of their ALIENS Visual Checklist – an infographic of all 82 released and announced ALIENS figures in the 7 inch range to date.  It can be downloaded from NECA right now and is available as an extra-large, 300 dpi JPG.

There are 2 versions available to download, the standard version as seen above and another version featuring card backer art.  Both are great!  NECA have made this an end of year annual event and an updated version of this chart has been available from them during the last few years.  Needless to say, it’s growing in size each year.

While this “visual guide (does) include all announcements & releases to date” there are some notable exceptions.  Absent are the creature packs for ALIENS and ALIEN: Covenant.  Also absent is the Marine Arsenal Pack which are all made to this scale.  Other omissions include the 4 figures NECA have released in the 1/4 scale – but that’s an entirely different line altogether.  …then there’s their range of Head Knockers and, well, a lot of other stuff – but like the large 1/4 scale figures, they are outside the 7 inch range of figures that appear on this chart.

Also missing, and fairly so, are as yet unannounced figures (which we already have some idea about anyway) that will comprise the ALIEN: Resurrection set and the next set of Kenner tribute items.  No doubt they will be released in 2018 and will appear on these charts this time next year.

Thank you NECA.  This update is always welcome!


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