Wild Boar ALIENS Samples added to Prototype Gallery.

Our first additions to this site’s Prototype Gallery for the New Year happens to be a pair of  1994 Wild Boar Alien samples.  Also included in today’s post is an orthographic technical drawing of the figure showing side, front and top elevations.  A very revealing and welcome document providing insight into design aspects of how these figures were made.

I’d like to thank Steve Dwyer once again for his preparedness to share images and information of his latest acquisitions with us all.  It’s greatly appreciated – and I’m sure you will get a buzz out it as well.

Go check out the images and information regarding this plastic beast.

I’m always on the look out to showcase more Kenner ALIEN figure prototypes produced from 1979 to the end of last Century.  There’s plenty more out there; and if you own such an item and would be interested in contributing images to a growing visual documentation of content, then please contact me.  I only post images where I have permission to do so.  It’s all part of my policy to respect the wishes of all the contributors who have helped make the Prototype Gallery the eclectic area of the site it is today.  Thanks Guys!


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