Pre-Order Eaglemoss Fifield and Ripley.

Looks like pre-orders are open for Eaglemoss ALIEN & PREDATOR figurine collectibles of Fifield and Ripley.  Mutated Sean Fifield (Issue #31)  from the ill fated Prometheus expedition and ALIENS version of Ellen Ripley (Issue #32) are heading our way.  One of these figures is super sexy and confronted some nasty alien thingy – the other is an over rated wench from last Century – you figure out which one is which.

Seriously, though.  It’s great to see Ripley finally being represented in her ALIENS garb, ready to confront the Queen; and the alternate version of Fifield Eaglemoss have gone with here will contrast well with the more screen accurate version NECA released some time back.

Honestly, though.  Fifield is the sexier one of the two items on offer here.  The raging, out of control pigeon toed mutant going ballistic wins my vote.  Either way, it looks like these will be available 0n 25 April, 2018.


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