Prototype Gallery Update. (Yep. Another one!) Sgt. Apone

Human characters may not be as popular as the Alien items, but no one can deny the memorable lines peppered with assertive tones delivered by Al Matthews in his role as Sgt. Apone in ALIENS.  Too bad the Kenner figure completely ignored the on screen character for their version of the action figure.  The only semblance between the two are the name, and a quote from the movie on to be found on the back of the ALIENS figure’s packaging, “Move it, people…”

Nonetheless, it’s a cool figure even if it shares very little with the source character it is base upon.   Here’s a few images of an incomplete prototype sample for Kenner’s 1992 Sgt. Apone figure.  Enjoy!  More coming.

Images courtesy of Scott Morrissey.


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