2016 Super 7 Faux 1986 ‘Prototype’ Alien.

Manufacturer: Super 7

Type: Derived from the original 1979 Kenner ALIEN action figure.

Released: 2016.

Product No.:  N/A.

Height: 18.75 inches.

Glow in the Dark Feature:  None.

Packaging: Box with windows on top and front. Simulated ‘Work in progress’ artwork throughout.

Inclusions:  Red card insert packaging.  No poster.

Points of Articulation and Movement: 8. 1x Trigger operated mouth and tongue consisting of multiple parts. 2x freely moving ball and socket shoulder joints. 2x rotation at  wrist spindle joints.  2x rotation at hip spindle joints. 1x rotation at tail spindle joint.

Note:  This limited edition figure cast in light blue plastic was exclusively available at San Diego Comic Con in 2016.  It is intended to represent speculation on Super 7’s part as to what an early in-house production ‘test shot’ of an action figure based on the movie ‘ALIENS’ would have been like.  It is based on the original Kenner figure with changes made throughout to emulate the creatures seen in the 2nd movie.  Changes made to the figure include:  Head, arm spurs, hands and feet.  All other parts remain identifiable as the 1979 Kenner figure.  The date stamp on the jaw activation trigger was unchanged and reads 1979.

NOTE: The teeth are molded as part of both upper and lower jaws and not separate pieces fixed in place.