2015 Gentle Giant Replica ALIEN.

Manufacturer: Gentle Giant

Type: Derived from the original 1979 Kenner ALIEN action figure.

Released: 2015.

Product No.:  80442.

Height: 24 inches.

Glow in the Dark Feature:  Skull face and other details along the side of the head will glow in the dark emulating the original.

Packaging: Blue box with windows in front and on top that mimics the box the original figure was packaged in.

Inclusions: Double sided facsimile poster. Plastic clam shell insert packaging.

Points of Articulation and Movement: 8. 1x Trigger operated mouth and tongue consisting of multiple parts. 2x freely moving ball and socket shoulder joints. 2x rotation at  wrist spindle joints.  2x rotation at hip spindle joints. 1x rotation at tail spindle joint.

Note: This figure is 25% increase in size of the original Kenner ALIEN action figure with all points of articulation emulated.  Minor changes are present throughout the figure but it is otherwise an accurate recreation at a larger scale.  The 4 appendages upon the back are now rigidly fixed in place rather than linked internally via a common bridge.  Other minor internal changes not detectable from the outside also exist.  This version of the figure is designed to mimic the original presentation complete with silver mouth parts and glow in the dark ‘evil brain’.