FREE! Preview Edition

HIDEOUS PLASTIC – Preview Edition has been released to the public and is available for FREE.  This sample of the book is work in progress.  Here it is.

Discover the influences and curious circumstances that led up the very first toy based on an R-rated movie being marketed at children.   This 30 page excerpt of the manuscript includes the entire first chapter in its late 2016 stage of development in .pdf format.

Download the

Please keep in mind this is an early draft of the manuscript and it is out of date.  It is continuing to evolve.  It represents approximately 15% of the book’s current content. The final book still requires a lot of attention and it will be available sometime in 2018.  Think of this sample as a FREE ‘early access demo’ and like such demos, its critical components are in place but the content is lacking in polish, presentation and it is in need of corrections where appropriate.

A lot of work still needs to be done on my part but any feedback is welcome.

Feedback can be sent to me:

An updated version will be posted at some point in the future prior to publication of the complete book.

Thank you.