1991 Phantom Kenner Figure

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Manufacturer: None

Type: Incorrectly identified

Released: Never Released

Product No.:  N/A

Height:  N/A

Glow in the Dark Feature:  N/A

Packaging:  N/A

Inclusions:  N/A

Points of Articulation and Movement: N/A

Note: Kenner only released a single production run of the 18 inch ALIEN action figure in 1979.  During the following years, other companies released figures derived from this item. Figures that may sometimes be erroneously identified as a ‘1991 Kenner ALIEN’ action figure (and not limited to) include:

Halcyon, ALIEN model Kit.  Released in 1991 (Date stamped 1991).

Tsukuda Hobby, complete ALIEN model.  Released in 1995 (Date stamped 1991).

Tsukuda Hobby, complete ALIEN model silver edition.  Released 1997 (Date stamped 1991)

If the boxes displaying the correct date of release are not included with these figures it’s easy to understand why they may be believed to be Kenner items released in 1991 as they are all derived from the 1979 figure, though indirectly.  Significantly, each  of these items are stamped on the sole of the right foot with the same date: 1991. Despite this fact, they were each released in 1991, 1995 and 1997 respectively.  Subsequent repressings of the 1991 figure were simply not updated.

Kenner was not involved in the production of any of these derivative figures which makes the ‘1991 Kenner ALIEN action figure’ a complete phantom.  A result of mistaken identity.

It never existed.