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Over the years, people have made videos of all shapes and sizes of the vintage action figure.  Some are informative others are more artistic in nature.  I’ve listed as many as I can find under this section.

If you are looking for videos relating to repairing the figure, you will find them in a different section, Maintenance and Repair.


1979 Kenner ALIEN Action Figure Commercial

KennerAlienCommercialThe original 1979  action figure television commercial by Kenner.

Duration: 0:31

Mandatory viewing of this video is required in order to appreciate the young demographic market this grotesque toy was originally targeted at.  Too awesome.  The child actor’s identities are unknown.

Note:  The action figure used in the video is an unreleased sample, possibly a prototype.  More images of this very same sample can be found on the side of the figure’s box it was originally packaged in.



Video by Windebieste

Duration: 2:39

This is the promotional slideshow video to announce the book.  It briefly outlines the major content you can expect inside.

No narration


(Unofficial) Hideous Plastic | Teaser Trailer

Video by Alex Casanas

Duration: 0:24.

An unofficial video supporting HIDEOUS PLASTIC.  Accompanied by music and gentle ambient tones. Headphones recommended.

No narration.


1979 Kenner Alien Large Action Figure


Video by TheSynthtron

Duration: 6:58

A great video featuring the figure, box, poster and reply card (which is often missing from opened boxes).




(1979 Kenner) Alien Action Figure Review / Look


Video by RedHannya

Duration: 7:04

Another terrific video that discusses a great range of the figure’s features.  Note the very rare bilingual box.  I would to get my hands on one of these!



Prometheus 1979 Kenner Alien and New Kotobukiya Items – Hot Chix Cool Toy Review (Ep 54)


Video by HotChixCoolToyReview

Duration: 7:01

One of the best videos about the figure you can find and you will get a lot out of this one.  Strongly recommended viewing if you are even remotely interested in the vintage Kenner toy.

Narrated.   A Spanish version of the video can be found here.




Video by Martin BLACKBAG

Duration: 2:30

An experimental video depicting the figure accompanied by lighting effects and a white noise and ambient soundtrack.

No narration.


Toy Room of Insanity—Episode 50 “Kenner 1979 18 inch Alien”


Video by Count Stankus

Duration: 17:45

You can skip the first 2 minutes of the lengthy introduction but beyond that, it’s a solid and informative video with good presentation.  Lots of history and description of the figure is presented here.



ALIEN Big FIGURE 1979 KENNER High=47cm


Video by Takahito Furuyashiki

Duration: 1:39

An appreciation video with music soundtrack.

No narration.




ALIEN 1979 KENNER – H.R.GIGER Designed


Video by Martin BLACKBAG

Duration: 2:04

Someone’s kitchen floor gets invaded by a bunch of really ugly toys.  Nice collection you got there, Martin.  Accompanied by  ALIEN movie soundtrack and clips.

No narration.


1979 Kenner “Alien” action figure with Mr Firmwheat


Video by Mr Firmwheat

Duration: 6:34

A good, solid appraisal of the figure and worth watching.





Vintage Original 1970s 1979 18″ ALIEN figure by Kenner Toys Space Jockey Ridley Scott Aliens Movie


Video by wizardcomics888

Duration: 2:40

A dark and  experimental video depicting the figure accompanied by moody background soundtrack.

No narration.





Video by donaldroszz

Duration: 0:09

Very brief experimental stop motion animation video.

No soundtrack or narration.




1979 Kenner Alien / Giger Diorama – Dramatic Cut


Video by Gloworm Photography

Duration: 1:19

Experimental video with the figure posed in a diorama backdrop.  Accompanied by soundtrack excerpts from ALIEN and ALIEN 3.

No narration.


CANON VIXIA HF R500 Test Footage HD 1979 18″ KENNER ALIEN Inner Jaw Close-up 35Mbps 60p Full HD


Video by Collection THX1138

Duration: 0:16

A short and close up demonstration of the jaws and tongue.

No narration.



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