Review: TITANS Glow in the Dark Loot Crate ALIEN.

  • Manufacturer: TITANS
  • Released: 2016

Last year, the Loot Crate people released a 30th anniversary ALIENS themed blind box filled with all kinds of neat goodies; all of them exclusive to the crate.  One of the treasures to be found in the case was this joyous little rascal.  TITANS have released a whole range of these stumpy knuckled little scrubs and I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this particular glow in the dark variant since the Loot Crate revealed its contents.

As this was the only item to be featured in the package that interested me, I’m glad I didn’t fork out for a loot crate when they were initially released.  Mind you, this bantam weight ill tempered effigy cast in luminous sea sick green plastic we see here did pique my interest as soon as I found out what I’d missed out on.

Luckily, I recently found one in Australia at a decent price.  So, yes!  Opportunity has smiled upon me.  I was destined to own one of these odd runty little critters, after all.

The robust 6.5 inch tall figure is fully cast in luminous green glow in the dark vinyl with various body parts highlighted in silver. The upper surface of its oversized peanut shaped head is brushed in a slightly darker green and completes the minimalist paintwork to be found on the figure.

The disproportionate physical presentation of the figure lends a comic ‘little green man from Mars’ quality to it.  Despite the liberal changes to stylize the figure, it in no way conceals the fact that this ungainly goblin is indeed an Alien of the more implacably violent vocation.  The comical proportions and stumpy legs give it the presence needed to comfortably haunt houses in an episode of South Park.  We know who killed Kenny this episode!  Significantly, there’s no mistaking what this figure represents no matter what the context is.

Despite the obvious disproportionate scaling, the various features throughout the figure are relatively accurate.  The Alien character suits this stylised presentation without fault.

Highlighting the figure is the terrific exquisite albeit oversized head.  Other bodily features are also of particular note; especially the appendages on the back, the shoulder pauldrons and the tail.  These are all remarkably accurate features present on this stumpy little brute.

Despite the distortions due to the shift in scale and other conventions that TITANS is known to apply to their figures, the aesthetics on display here are all well balanced. The nuanced curves of the head carapace and other details along the side of the head are unexpectedly subtle and accurate and contrast with the figures otherwise cartoon like appearance perfectly which makes the air of menace still tangible in this otherwise delightful toy.

There’s very little articulation present on this TITANS Alien and it is limited to just 3 points.  He can rotate his lurid head from side to side and both of his short arms can rotate at the shoulders.  That’s it.  These are the only points of movement possessed by the figure.

Sadly, the tail is permanently fixed in place and his oversized pachyderm feet have no movement whatsoever.  It’s all fine, though.  This isn’t a figure that you will want to display with a wide variation in its posability.  Just those few points of movement at the neck and shoulders provide minimum variety to the figure’s stance.

The overall presentation is an aesthetic that really works to the strengths of the Alien character.  The large oversized head, pitifully small carnotaurus arms, pear shaped torso and short broad legs terminating in wide squat feet might not sound attractive but the overall caricature is a wonderful amalgam of hostile organism and cute toy.

This is a great and fun representation of the Alien; one that has been seriously considered and yet at the same time is less concerned about accurate dimensions.  It is more occupied with delivering an extreme interpretation without losing any of the essential sense of otherworldly menace.

Getting it to glow in the dark is the usual deal.  Charge it up under strong lights and then switch them off.  To get the best results, make sure there’s no other light sources in the room.  He glows in the dark, alright; not a bright shining beacon that will attract hordes of moths or guide ships to safe harbors but his grotesque little form is certainly discernible in the darkness.

Like all glow in the dark toys, he’s a hit at late night get togethers, especially in the early hours of the morning when too much beer and pizza has been previously consumed.

I really love this sturdy little guy.  Sure, on one hand he looks like a luminous stubby legged corgi with a bad attitude rearing up on its hind legs.  In actuality, he’s just a fun party lovin’ dude with a lot of personality while still retaining a strong essence of the source material it is based on.  The fact that it glows in the dark always adds an extra layer of value to any figure and this TITANS item is no exception.

It’s just like owning a cute but ill tempered lime green Pembroke corgi that can also be seen in the dark; like some weird dwarfish Hound of the Baskervilles.  Only better.

I think I’ll dub him Boris.

SCORE: 6/10

He’s so cute; but this diminutive mutant booger green corgi version of the Alien is now hard to come by due its exclusive Loot Crate nature.  I hate exclusives.  A lot.  You lose points there, Boris.  Sorry.

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