Review: Mr. Potato Head POPtater ALIEN Figure.

  • Manufacturer: PPW Toys
  • Released: 2017

Mr. Potato Head has been around for over 60 years now so the inevitable mash up between this long standing toy series and ALIEN had to happen one day. The big question is, why did it take so long? Anyway, I’d like you to say hello to my little friend, Wingnut. He’s the latest in a long line of Mr. Potato Head toys. I had to gave him that name due the uncharacteristic big ears not normally associated with Aliens. Nice choice, huh.

Anyway, Wingnut is packaged in a small box with a wraparound window so he displays very well in his original package. The package can be opened and resealed with ease providing you with good option to return the figure to the box should you choose to do so. He’ll need some assembly when you get him out but that’s part of the joy of Mr. Potato Head toys as they are intended to be disassembled, mixed and matched with other Mr. Potato Head characters and used to create your own twisted vegetable patch of lunacy.

The PPW Toys POPTATER range of 5.5 inch tall Mr. Potato head figures, of which this item is a sample, includes a number of popular licenced characters intended for this purpose. Most nobably, characters based on Star Wars and Marvel Comics fill their ranks.

The general idea of the toy is simple. A basic chassis in the form of a large plastic potato is used to fasten body parts onto. It’s stupid fun and great Stuff! The item in hand here is no different except it’s ALIEN themed. You’ll find all the Alien’s features are represented and are detachable; to be used elsewhere should you own another Mr. Potato Head figure. The domed head and mouth featuring the toothy tongue are represented with a joyous smile and big bulbous eyes. Do Aliens have eyes? They do now.

Ribs are visible on the torso and indeed all the appendages upon the back are also represented on the figure. As is the tail which is a separate piece. The arms terminate in black and white ‘Bugs Bunny’ hands, which is fine considering the whole playful ambience of this toy. The feet are great and made to give the figure a squatting stance but the various details on the four toed feet are recognisable as those of the Alien. All these parts are pinned securely and with sturdy confidence on the plastic potato core. Perfect. Well, in a very strange kind of way, that is.

Aside from the ears, eyes and hands all the features are finished in the Alien’s characteristic black appearance. Nice. As the pieces are pinned to the plastic spud, you do have minimal amount of articulation on the arms only. Even the tail is fitted with notches that won’t permit it to be manipulated outside of its intended orientation.

There are no instructions in the box but you can figure out how to assemble and disassemble this kit with ease. More importantly, its parts are interchangeable with other Mr. Potato Head figures and the range of them available now makes for some fun and potentially super weird entertainment. You can select body parts to create your own spud-o-morph mutations and nightmares, if you like. Do you want an Alien that carries Darth Vader’s lightsaber? Yeah. You can do that. …or it is armed with Freddy Kruger’s claws? …or hefting Thor’s hammer?  All you have to do is own those particular figures and swap the arms out with each other.

Yep. Mr. Potato Head’s near infinite configurations will allow that. It’s just too bad I only own this single item otherwise I’d have an absolute ball messing about with these things.  Stupid good fun like this is the best kind.

The ALIEN Poptater Mr. Potato head is hard to take seriously, so please don’t.  It’s a fun novelty item let down by a relatively high price for what it is and to really get the most out of it, you’ll need to buy some of the others that are available.

SCORE: 6/10

This shit is not normal. Does anybody else remember something called Katy Carrot? …or is that just my over active imagination working overtime?  Coz I was having Katy Carrot flashbacks while reviewing this item. lol.

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