REVIEW: Super 7 ReAction SPACE VILLAIN Series Blind Box ALIEN.

  • Manufacturer: Super7
  • Released: 2017

Hailing from the inky depths of the farthest reaches of the cosmos comes the implacably hostile Alien.


…and again. What’s more, this time he’s also brought a pair of sticky multicoloured buddies with him.

Super7’s latest entry into their long running series of ALIEN ReAction figures features a set of 3 new collectible items. This has been a great series for the toy manufacturer and this new set of Blind Box figures expands the variety. Too bad that’s really all that’s on offer here, though, as repetition is well entrenched and setting in place with this series now.

The 3.75 inch series of figures has gone on to be such a success, this trio of figures brings the number of ReAction ALIEN figures to 10. In this latest assortment, you’ll find a Glossy Black, Acid Green or Blue/Blood variant concealed randomly inside one of these small brightly coloured boxes.

As is the nature of such ‘blind boxes’ you’ll not be able to determine which figure you’ll receive upon purchase and won’t know until you open it. If you like surprises, it’s a fun way to collect stuff and you won’t be disappointed. The small box is great, emblazoned as it is with the classic ALIEN motif and other design details which helps to match it the blister card packaging of either the blue pre-order items from 2013 or the later black carded mass market release figures.  It will display well as an unopened item alongside either of these previous releases, if that’s your preference.

The standard 4.5 inch tall Alien ReAction figure is the only item to be found in this set with no other characters present. This is not only a great asset as the figure is terrific; but it’s also where this series biggest problems lie.

As mentioned above, the ReAction range now features 10 variants of this same figure. You’ll want to be dedicated to add these 3 to your collection. Mind you, the colour range is terrific with the translucent green version and the mottled blue and red items being noteworthy stand out items.  The black figure looks much like some of the previous releases except it’s completely black and lacking in any painted highlights like its predecessors.  Being little more than a basic coloration it’s a little bit of a let down in this regard but of its own accord a good looking figure.

The figures are not only random but their appearance in the boxes has an uneven distribution. They have been distributed in these ratios: Glossy Black – 1:2, Acid Green – 1:3 and the Blue/Blood – 1:6. This makes the black figure easy to encounter and the multicoloured version considerably less common.

It’s not even the first time this figure has appeared in blind box format, either. San Diego Comic Con 2014 also featured a pair of Aliens in its 8 piece Deep Space Mystery Egg blind box set. Aside from the packaging and a selection of varying colors, you’ve seen this figure before. Multiple times.

If you’re interested in grabbing a ReAction figure for yourself and don’t have any, then this is a good and fun way to acquire one. Each of the figures is distinctive from previous releases and that’s a good thing. I just can’t help but feel that Super7 are milking this cow a little too heavily. I’d like to see a more unique treatment of the figure rather than another merry-go-round of variants.

Will this be the final iteration we’ll see of the diabolical ALIEN in ReAction figure format?  Probably not.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

I would personally love to see Gentle Giant’s take on this item. I’d love to see this figure upscaled to the 1/6 range (or larger) as they have done with figures from other properties. A 16 (or 18) inch tall ReAction ALIEN figure would be something else.

SCORE: 7/10

Flogging a dead horse?  Maybe.  More of the same?  Absolutely!  There’s 10 variants of this figure now in an assortment of colours.  Some are opaque while others are translucent.  Availability of them can range from being readily available at your local toy store to hard to find and over-priced ‘Collector’s items’ on Ebay.  Some of them even feature glow in the dark markings on their heads – just like it would have displayed if the figure had been released in 1979 as originally intended – and much like the glow in the dark markings found on the original Kenner 18 inch item.

On the other hand, if you want to indulge in your OCD (Obsessive Collector’s Disorder), then this is an ideal series of items for you to hunt down

More about the curious history of this figure in Kenner’s Pocket Size ALIEN Legend.

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