Mid 1990s, Kenner Egg/Pod Alien

  • Year: Mid 1990s
  • Size: 6 inches
  • Product Line:  Unproduced by Kenner (Hasbro). Presumably, Hive Wars.

A form of hatching Pod/Egg ALIEN known to be one of many unproduced figures being developed in the mid 1990’s. The actual name of this figure is unknown but judging from known images of prototypes, two versions were planned.

One version, the rarer of the two, was to have an egg pod with four petals that opened to reveal a new type of ALIEN sitting inside in the center, dubbed the ‘Dragonfly Alien’. This figure has a very long chin, spiky tail and four fingered human looking hands and arms. This figure also appears in the unpublished Hive Wars comic where it’s shown that the  opening pod petals double as wings!

Images courtesy of Derek Ho

The 2nd and more common of the two designs had a two part opening egg that revealed a more insect looking Alien inside with longer arms, smaller hands, a second set of shorter arms, 2 stubby legs and was attached to the egg via its rear end.  This item is 6 inches tall and when folded into its egg is 3 inches across.  Unfolded from his egg, he’s about 6 inches in length.

Images courtesy of Marc Cawiezel

The surface texture and morphology of the pod item below identifies it as a variant of the prototype immediately above, (Cawiezel); but it is cast in material colored similar to the item above that, (Ho).

Image courtesy of Derek HoSee more Image Galleries of Prototype figures.