Image galleries on HIDEOUS PLASTIC.   Each of these galleries are work in progress.  More content is slowly being added to each of them.  There’s a ton of content concealed within these pages.  New additions to the galleries are posted on the site’s front page.

Kenner 18 Inch ALIEN Action Figure, 1979; and its Derivatives.

The original Kenner ALIEN figure was unique in its day.  Since its release it has been replicated and re-released no less than 10 times during the past 3 decades.

This image gallery documents each figure with photographs and descriptions of each one of them.




Various Kenner ALIEN Prototypes (1979 – 2001). 

This gallery features images of early work in progress samples of Kenner ALIEN action  figures in development. Some of these items enjoyed full production run to be released as toys on shelves while others became abandoned projects not advancing beyond prototype stage.

Each one of them is unique or only extremely limited quantities made.  As they were never officially released to the public, they’re exceptionally rare and obscure.



ALIEN Dreaming.

This Deep Dreaming stuff is pretty nifty.  Upload a picture of your choice and transform it into a psychedelic masterpiece!

This gallery features dozens of images like this one here.  Many of them very trippy.  Many of them very strange.  Some are actually quite good, too.




I’ll be posting new galleries in the future.