1992, Kenner Queen Backing Card Mock Up.

  • Year: 1992
  • Size: 8×12 inches
  • Product Line:  Kenner ALIENS (Tonka). ALIEN QUEEN with Deadly Chest Hatchling.

This yellow backed test shot figure demonstrates how prototyping extends well beyond the figure itself.  Here we see a mock up mounting of the as yet to be designed backing card and the blister that will hold the figure in place.  Among other things, such packaging tests are used to determine the dimensions and gross weight of the final figure in its completed package, how many can be packed into a standard shipping crate and be used as a very easily identified place holder for any number of reasons, hence the use of such a bright colour.  Other uses of such test cards and mock ups include materials durability, evaluation of artwork placement & composition along with adhesives testing among other assessments.

The figure itself is a prototype and is also accompanied by its accessory, a ‘deadly chest hatchling’ – more commonly known as a chestburster.  Also a prototype.  The test shot figure appearing here is a lighter shade of grey compared to the final release version of the figure.  Side by side comparisons of the mock up card and figure with the final release version can be seen below.

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Images courtesy of Steve Dwyer.