About the Book

HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream is an upcoming non-fiction book dedicated to the Classic 18 inch tall vintage ALIEN action figure manufactured by Kenner Products and released in 1979.  The book examines many, many aspects and features of the old toy and is currently being prepared.

At over 200 pages, the book is an extensive volume covering every facet regarding the figure you could want to know about.  Among other things, you will find full documentation of the figure’s notorious history, a complete spotter’s guide to identifying issues buyers need to be aware when purchasing one of these old action figures and a comprehensive restoration and maintenance guide for owners of this vintage toy.

Also identified and explored in the sizeable volume are the various post-Kenner derivative figures from now defunct companies such as Tsukuda Hobby and Halcyon along with more recent releases from manufacturers Gentle Giant and Super 7.

HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream,  investigates and explores the nefarious figure in its entirety from before its initial release until today.  At this stage the book is still ‘work in progress’ and it is rapidly nearing completion.

As of August 2017, the book is proceeding as intended.  I still need to acquire funding to see it published.  All the infra structure is in place to complete the process as professional editing, interior and cover design along with typesetting and printing have been organised.

The book is a substantial piece of work and contains a wealth of information spanning over 50,000 words and accompanied by over 200 images including diagrams, drawings, illustrations cartoons and photographs of the figure.

It is expected to be published sometime in the 2nd half of 2018.

So, please take some time to explore this site and learn more about what HIDEOUS PLASTIC In stores everyone can hear you scream. has to offer.  If you are interested in ALIEN tie-in merchandise or are a collector of toys, then this book will definitely be of interest to you.

More information can be found on the FAQ page.

Or you could contact me regarding this publication if you wish to.