About the Book

HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream is an upcoming non-fiction book dedicated to the Classic 18 inch tall vintage ALIEN action figure manufactured by Kenner Products and released in 1979.  The book examines many, many aspects and features of the old toy and is currently being prepared.

At over 200 pages, the book is an extensive volume covering every facet regarding the figure you could want to know about.  Among other things, you will find full documentation of the figure’s notorious history, a complete spotter’s guide to identifying issues buyers need to be aware when purchasing one of these old action figures and a comprehensive restoration and maintenance guide for owners of this vintage toy.  Also identified and explored in the sizeable volume are the various post-Kenner derivative figures from now defunct companies such as Tsukuda Hobby and Halcyon up to current manufacturers Gentle Giant and Super 7.

HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream,  investigates and explores the nefarious figure in its entirety from its initial release until today.  At this stage the book is still ‘work in progress’ and it is rapidly nearing completion.

The planned pipeline and eventual release for HIDEOUS PLASTIC is as follows:

  • For the immediate future, a short promotional video, HIDEOUS PLASTIC – REVEAL will soon be released.  This two and a half minute long slideshow will be a breakdown of the book’s contents and will be made available to the public soon now that this site has been launched.

(UPDATE – Dec 13, 2016: The video is now released and can be viewed in the Collated Works section of the site.)

  • Towards the end of 2016 a substantial 30+ page excerpt from the book titled HIDEOUS_PLASTIC_Preview.pdf will be released for your perusal.  Keep an eye out for that item.  It will be free.  Gratis.   No payment required.  The excerpt will represent about 15% of what’s in the finished book and contain primarily Historical content.

(UPDATE – Dec 30, 2016: HIDEOUS PLASTIC – Preview Edition is now available and  can be downloaded here and is also available from the Collated Works section of the site.)

  • Early 2017 will see the 60 day KickStarter campaign be launched.  I’m aiming for 60 days simply because a month isn’t enough for some people.  Those who get paid monthly (like I do) will understand the pain of missing out on 30 day campaigns that can’t be budgeted for.  So, 60 days it is.

(UPDATE – March 3, 2017: KickStarter campaign launched. Campaign closes on April 29, 2017.)

  • A release date is yet to be confirmed but it is anticipated to be around October 2017.  It’s a safe bet to say the book is still a good year away from being released.  While the content is almost finalised, a lot of work still needs to be done; but it’s certainly getting there

Right now, work is proceeding according to plan and the book will be released exclusively to KickStarter Supporters towards the end of 2017 sometime in late 2018 at the earliest due the delay of failing to raise funds.

(UPDATE – April 30, 2017: The KickStarter campaign is closed and was not successful at raising necessary funds.  I am currently making plans to raise alternate funding to ensure the book gets published.  Due to the failure of raising the much needed funds the book will be released in 2018 at the earliest.  The campaign post mortem  can be found here.)

So, please take some time to explore this site and learn more about what HIDEOUS PLASTIC has to offer.  If you are interested in ALIEN tie-in merchandise or are a collector of toys, then this book will definitely interest you.

More information can be found on the FAQ page.

Or you could contact me if you wish to.