2017 Super7 1986 ALIENS Warrior – Acid Green Edition

Manufacturer: Super7

Type: Derived from the original 1979 Kenner ALIEN action figure.

Released: 2017.

Product/Barcode No.: 6 05930 56471 6 (Exactly the same number present on the ‘Classic Toy Edition’ box; as is the date found on both, 2016.)

Height: 18.75 inches.

Glow in the Dark Feature: None.

Packaging: Black box with green window frames.  Windows on top and front of the box mimicking the original figure’s 1979 packaging.  This is exactly the same box used for Super7’s previous ‘Classic Toy Edition’.

Inclusions:  Double sided blue print poster.  Blue card insert packaging.  Exactly the same present in Super7’s previous ‘Classic Toy Edition’.

SEE ALSO: Super7 ‘Classic Toy Edition’ ALIENS Warrior.

Points of Articulation and Movement: 8. 1x Trigger operated mouth and tongue consisting of multiple parts. 2x freely moving ball and socket shoulder joints. 2x rotation at  wrist spindle joints.  2x rotation at hip spindle joints. 1x rotation at tail spindle joint.

NOTE: This is the third edition of Super 7’s Kenner derived ALIENS figures in the 18 inch range. It is based on the original Kenner figure with changes made throughout to emulate the creatures seen in the 2nd movie and cast entirely in transparent green.  Changes made to the figure include:  Head, arm spurs, hands and feet.  All other parts remain identifiable as the 1979 Kenner figure.

This item is made of 2 plastics mimicking the parts of the 1979 ALIEN figure. The black 1986 ALIENS themed packaging with green window trim is exactly the same as the box Super7 used for their previous ‘Classic Toy Edition’ in every detail.  Notably, the bar codes present on both boxes – which are generally deemed critical for differentiating between inventory items – are exactly alike and unaltered for this edition.  Both boxes are dated as 2016 yet both items were definitely released in 2017.