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This area of HIDEOUS PLASTIC is dedicated to miscellaneous articles, linking to external sites, resources and various downloads.

  • Questions and Answers with Nic Durham.

Nic was kind enough to participate in a Questions and Answers session with me regarding his upcoming book, ReAction Figures – Unofficial Action Figure Guide, 2013-2016 to be released in June 2017.

Read about what Nic has to say about his motivations and other driving forces behind writing this book.




  • HIDEOUS PLASTIC – Preview Edition. FREE 30 page excerpt.

A publicly available excerpt for the book is available.  This 30 page excerpt was released in December, 2016.  It’s a little out of date now, but I am still keeping it live for interested readers and people wanting to provide feedback on it.


Download the






  • Kenner 1992 ALIENS mini comics scans:

Download 13 Issues of Kenner ALIENS Mini Comics in 1 Handy Archive File

…But wait!  There’s more!

People have generated a ton of stuff regarding this ugly old toy over the years but it can be difficult to find.  For ease of use I’ve collated all the links I know of for such resources and added them below.  There’s a selection of articles and videos for you to browse, read and view.  Enjoy!

  • Images of the Kenner ALIEN action figure and all of its derivatives can be found in the  Galleries section.
  • Here’s a collection of various Reviews I have written about various other Alien action figures.  Some related to the vintage Kenner Alien – some not.
  • Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repair content for the Kenner action figure by myself and other third party Authors.
  • On this page you can find a bunch of online articles  dedicated to the figure.  There’s a lot of these.
  • Miscellaneous online videos of all manner of descriptions can be found.  Everything from Kenner’s original 1979 television commercial to reviews, appraisals and other artistic interpretations.

Have fun exploring these links.  I will add more as time passes.  Please send me any information regarding anything I may have missed.

Thank you.