REVIEW: Super7 Acid Green ALIENS Warrior.

  • Manufacturer: Super7
  • Released: 2017

The transparent Acid Green ALIENS Warrior is Super7’s third iteration in a trio of experimental speculations and oddities inspired by Kenner’s 1979 ALIEN action figure.  It represents a continuing exploration of such items had they been released for the 1986 sequel, ALIENS.

The previous 2 items in this series included a limited edition SDCC 2016 faux ‘prototype’ or, if you prefer maybe it should be called ‘Faux-totype’.  Cast in pale blue, the first figure emulates the qualities of a production test shot.  It was quickly followed by a more readily available ‘mass market’ version cast in black with glow in the dark highlights mimicking the earlier Kenner figure. Both figures were retroactively designed to be sympathetically redesigned to resemble the creatures appearing in the 2nd movie – as is this lurid green wonder we have before us right now. Each of these 3 Super7 items stand clear of 18 inches.  They are a large and impressive set of tribute figures that will dominate any space.

While the previous iterations of this figure have been cast in opaque material, the big attraction with this release is the use of transparent plastics throughout the figure to give it a translucent finish.  Being cast in green imbues it with a rich luminous quality – it’s certainly not the kind of subtle glow in the dark luminosity that is often associated with figures cast in green plastic.  Importantly, this figure lacks that ability and will not glow in the dark.  It’s the translucency of the figure along with the color choice that brings a vibrancy to it that makes it a stand out example of what a tribute figure can be.

Notwithstanding any other features, it’s this ability to have light pass through the item that makes it special.  This is the first figure derived from the original Kenner ALIEN that permits you to marvel at the interior of the figure without disassembling it.  You won’t need to perform an autopsy on this item to examine its inner workings, they’re all there, right before your very eyes.

The transparent nature of the figure allows for all of its concealed connection points to be seen.  Legs and arms in particular surrender their construction secrets at a casual gaze as do the connections at the shoulders and hips, all with the most modest inspection.

A more fascinating revelation is being able to examine the interior of the head. Pressing the jaw activation trigger on the back of the head rewards you with all the functioning details and moving parts inside.  You can witness how the surprisingly simple and elegant gear and lever system within the elongated cranial space works to throw the jaws open and project the dentured split tongue forward.  It’s an impressive display of engineering inside the figure and mimics the original configuration within the Kenner item very closely.  No secrets here remain hidden.

This transparent quality brings another great feature into play, much to great benefit of the figure.  Backlighting makes for a very impressive display.  Set this item up in front of a bright light source and let the figure really shine.  Pun intended.  I’m keeping mine out of its box for week or so, standing it on a benchtop in front of a window.  Opening the blinds and let the sun in to reveal its true inner glory.  Hell, I don’t do that often.

Inclusions that come with the figure are what we have seen before.  The box is exactly the same as the packaging the previous ‘Classic Toy Edition’ was distributed in.  There’s no differentiation between either of  them whatsoever.  No ‘ACID GREEN EDITION XENOMORPH!’ badging or similar declaration splashed across the box.  Clearly, the box is intended for multipurpose packaging of different treatments of the figure.  Even the 2016 product and bar codes are exactly alike.  Which is odd, really, as both the ‘Classic Toy Edition’ and this item were released in 2017.

Just like the earlier ‘Classic Toy Edition’ figure this transparent green item also comes with a blue printed double sided poster.  It’s a great extra and a welcome one that once again mimics a similar item appearing in the older 1979 Kenner ALIEN box, only reworked to accommodate Super7’s retro 1986 theme on this 2017 release.

I just have one gripe about the poster. Come on, Super7!  I understand it’s important to minimise costs by re-using the same packaging but couldn’t you have printed out a batch of suitably green posters for this item?  The same design… just printed in green to match the figure?  That would have been the ideal icing on top!  Green icing, that is.

Of all 3 Super Size ALIENS figures Super7 have released to date, this one most accurately emulates the construction of the original Kenner item.  The blue ‘Fauxtotype’ figure uses a mix of appropriate plastics but the teeth on the jaws are fused to the head.  The ‘Classic Toy Edition’ rectifies this mouth issue (arguably a ‘prototype’ feature) and has a complete set of 4 separate vac metal mouth parts but it is cast solely in a single hard material.  The Acid Green figure has both features rectified.  The 4 mouth parts are separate and individual pieces and 2 different plastic materials are used in the figure’s construction – just like the original 1979 figure.

Of the 3 ALIENS themed figures Super7 has released to date in the 18 inch format, this one has to be my favourite.  The other 2 figures are great, too, but who doesn’t want a large scale transparent lime flavoured ALIENS action figure gracing their collection?  Mind you, this isn’t the last time we can expect Super7 to produce one of these things.  This trio will become a quartet when the ‘Marine Ambush’ figure is finally released sometime in the future, possibly appearing in 2018.  I’m looking forward to adding that onet to my collection, too.

SCORE: 8/10

A great piece and a worthy addition to your collection.  A little pricy at US$195 but worth owning if you want a transparent lime green facsimile of the classic Kenner ALIEN.  I would love to see what one of these things looks like in the dark, stuffed with flashing LEDs.

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