I’ve been an ALIEN fan since it all began in 1979 and been involved in the online ALIENS vs PREDATOR Community for more than a decade and a half. During this time I have written a substantial amount of content for various web sites. Most of those items were reviews for custom maps people made for the PC game AvP2; but I also wrote a stack of other articles and reviews about movies, games and books within this property as well.

The fact is, I like writing reviews so it makes sense to post them on my own website.

Here are reviews I’ve written for ALIEN action figures and various other related items. These reviews are independent and not sponsored by any third party.  I do my best to represent the figure as appropriately and honestly as possible with text and photographs.  Critical assessment ultimately falls to my own objectivity.  …or lack thereof in some cases where bias overcomes any rational appraisals.  Life is like that.

Ratings are based on Scores out of 10.


Phat Mojo / Loot Crate, Queen Takes Bishop – Reviewed: January, 2018.


‘Queen Takes Bishop’.  It’s a great gag and it works well on T-shirts – but how well does it translate into a 3 inch tall figurine?

Let’s find out in this review.





Running Press, Hissing Xenomorph and Book – Reviewed: December, 2017.

It’s only 3 inches tall and has no arms or legs but it still offers multiple features most other ALIEN toys and action figures would be envious of.

Find out why the Hissing Xenomorph makes for a fantastic addition to your collection in this review.





NECA, ALIEN: Isolation – Amanda Ripley in Jumpsuit – Reviewed: December, 2017.

ALIEN Isolation is one of my favourite games.  I got to play as a girl – and squeal like a girl.  NECA stepped up and made me squeal like a girl some more when I found out they were releasing a series of action figures based on the game in late 2015.

Here’s my review of Amanda Ripley.  In her jumpsuit.  Unlike me, she doesn’t squeal like a girl – coz she is a bad ass.  Just like her ma.



Super7, Acid Green ALIENS Warrior – Reviewed: November, 2017.

The third item in a continuing series of ‘what if’ speculations of 18 inch tall action figures by Super7, as inspired by Kenner.

It’s big and it’s green and it’s beautiful and you can see through it.  It’s a great lurid addition to any ALIEN collection.  Really.





Palisades, ALIEN Signature Statue – Reviewed: October, 2017.

It’s big and it’s heavy but is it any good?

This older statue from 2005 is made of the right stuff but it is let down in important areas of presentation and accuracy.

Find out why it’s a long way from being my favorite 3D iteration of the Alien in this review.




Unofficial ReAction Figure Guide – Reviewed: September, 2017.

You’d had simply better just face it. The 3.75 inch Retro Action figure RenAissance is here to stay.  ReAlly.

Is this book enough to get you up to date with the complete range of ReAction figures from 2013 to 2016?  Yep.  Actually, it is.



Super7, ReAction SPACE VILLAIN Blind Box ALIEN – Reviewed: August, 2017.

What’s over 4 inches tall and keeps coming back just when you thought you’d seen the last of it?

3 new iterations of a classic piece that just doesn’t want to go away.  Read about it, already.





NECA, ALIEN Covenant Creature Pack – Reviewed: August, 2017.

It’s a box full of accessories for your collection of NECA figures to be concerned about.  As your colonists haven’t got enough problems already, there’s a couple of eggs and 4 various stages of Alien goodness to set upon them.

Six ugly critters for the price of one.  It’s a good deal – but is it a great one?  Find out in this review.




NECA, ALIEN Covenant Xenomorph – Reviewed: August, 2017.

The ALIEN Covenant Xenomorph is the first true Alien to chronologically appear in the movie series, created by David, the android.  NECA have been making these things for a lot longer.

So is NECA’s iteration of David’s first attempt at a ‘perfect organism’ any good?  Read the review.




NECA, Neomorph – Reviewed: August, 2017.

Not all Aliens are black and ghastly.  Some are actually white and ghastly.  ALIEN Covenant featured a pair of these nasty pallid Neomorph things so it’s fitting this is my 2nd reviewed item base on this particularly hostile organism.

NECA’s Neomorph figure is a great addition to your collection.  Read all about it.




Funko, POP! ALIEN Covenant Xenomorph – Reviewed: July 2017.

I really enjoyed the new ALIEN Covenant movie so I will be looking into these figures as much as I can get my hands on them.

Here is another review for merchandise based on the movie made by Funko.  Enjoy.





PPW Toys, Poptater ALIEN figure – Reviewed: July 2017.

A tuber that rips people’s faces off.

Read the review.







Kotobukiya, ArtFX ALIEN Statue – Reviewed: July 2017.

One of the most highly praised ALIEN figures ever released and certainly one of the best currently available, the Kotobukiya ArtFX statue has a lot going for it.

This is a fabulous figure so read about it in this review.





Funko, POP! ALIEN Covenant Neomorph (with Toddler) – Reviewed: June 2017.

Run.  Hide.  Play.

This charming pair of toys has been released.  Give a pair to your 3 year old niece or nephew – their parents will thank you for doing so.

Or, alternatively, you could just read the review.




Medicom, Real Action Heroes ALIEN Figure – Reviewed: June 2017.

The ‘wet suit’ Alien, as some people like to call it, possesses an articulated core with a full body rubber outer integument.  It’s also widely regarded as one of the most accurate representations of of the ALIEN Big Chap to ever be released.

How accurately can an action figure made of rubber emulate it’s source?  Read the review.



SCI-FI REVOLTECH SERIES No. 001 | ALIEN Figure – Reviewed: June 2017.

Kaiyodo is one of those companies who have a prolific range of ALIEN collectibles to choose from.  Most common is their action figure from 2010, the Revoltech ALIEN figure.

Is this item a harmonious balancing of yin and yang?  Find out in the review.





Medicom, Be@rbrick 100 ALIEN Figure – Reviewed: June 2017.

Have you ever asked yourself “What exactly would emerge from the torso of  Winnie the Pooh if he was facehugged?”.

Find out in this review. 






Bandai/Tamashii Nation, ALIEN Big Chap – Reviewed: May 2017.

It’s not even 7 inches tall and yet it boasts over 40 points of movement and attachment; but is it any good?

You can find out in the review for this 2014 released figure.





SEGA, ALIEN Kit – Reviewed: May 2017.

SEGA do a lot more than make crummy video games like ALIENS: Colonial marines.  They also make cool stuff like this fabulous 12 inch ALIEN figure.

This wonderful item made in 2004 is a great rendition of the Alien. So go read the review.





ALIEN: Covenant, Movie – Reviewed: May, 2017.

It’s going to be a rare occasion where I review something other than ALIEN toys, figures and related stuff.  Here, to embrace that exception, is my take on the new ALIEN: Covenant movie.

Some people will love this movie. Others will hate it.  More or less for the same reasons.





Diamond Select, ALIEN MiniMate Tribute Figure – Reviewed: May, 2017.

Inspired by the original 1979 Kenner ALIEN action figure, this diminutive ‘Little Chap’ is a real treat.  It’s too bad he’s got just one significant flaw.

Otherwise, this is a terrific little figure and you can find out exactly what I think of him. 





Hiya Toys, Colonial Marines Xenomorph Boiler – Reviewed: May, 2017.

ALIENS: Colonial Marines was a shitty game.  Did anything any good come from what was largely regarded as a disappointment and squandered opportunity?

Let’s find out if that’s even possible in this review of Hiya Toys Xenomorph Boiler Alien.





Super7, 1986 ALIENS Warrior, ‘Classic Toy Edition’ – Reviewed: April, 2017.

It’s only 30 years late.

The ‘Kenner’ inspired 18 inch tall ALIENS Warrior action figure collectible from Super7 is finally available and it’s completely covered on this site.


TITANS, Glow in the Dark Loot Crate Alien – Reviewed: March, 2017.

What’s 6.5 inches tall, glows in the dark and chews your face off?

If you answered ‘an irradiated corgi’, then you’d be correct.  Unfortunately, I don’t own one of those to review so this little runt by TITANS will have to suffice instead.

You can read the review for this little runt here.



NECA, David 8 – Reviewed: February, 2017.

The android aboard the Prometheus makes for a fine plastic facsimile of an equally plastic character.

The David 8 review is right here.






Kenner, 1992 Scorpion Alien – Reviewed: February, 2017.

25 years ago Kenner released their ALIENS action figure range in 1992.

Let’s celebrate with a review.






NECA, Thermal Vision Warrior Alien – Reviewed:  January, 2017.

I liked the AvP movie.  It was dumb – but I liked it.  I like Grid.  I like glow in the dark emulated thermal vision modes.  I like this figure.

Read the review.  In the dark, if you like.



NECA, Deacon – Reviewed: January, 2017.

NECA’s cosmic goblin shark and the runt of the Alien litter makes its appearance.

Is Mr. Pointy Head any good?

Find out in the review.





NECA, Series 4 ALIEN Compression Suit Dallas – Reviewed: January 2017.

One of several compression suited characters NECA have brought to life in 7 inch scale figures.  Dallas looks spiffy in his old skool space suit; but is it any good?

Here is Captain Dallas’ review.





NECA, Series 4 ALIEN Jump Suit Ripley – Reviewed: January 2017.

The superbly rewarding figure that is Ellen Ripley wearing her jumpsuit from NECA.  Action figures just don’t get much better than this.

Here is  Ripley’s review.






FUNKOxSuper7, ALIEN ReAction Figures – Reviewed: December 2016.

The FUNKOxSuper7 ALIEN ReAction figure line is among my favourites.  Such an amazing story behind them.  Such a great retro treatment.

Here is the 3.75 inch tall review.




Super7, Faux 1986 Limited Edition Prototype Figure – Reviewed: September, 2016.


As part of the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the release of ‘ALIENS’, Super7 released this curious, limited edition ‘prototype’ figure.  It’s more than just inspired by the 1979 action figure.  It belongs to that weird family of action figures that were directly derived from it.

It’s big and it’s blue.  Here’s the review.




Super7, Alien Carry Case – Reviewed: July, 2016.

CarryCaseMid 2016 saw the release of Super7’s tribute carry case for all your 3 3/4 inch tall ReAction figures.  I like it.

It’s a pretty blue and red box with a review stashed inside.




NECA, Translucent Prototype Alien – Reviewed: April, 2016.


NECA makes great stuff and I love this treatment of the early prototype version of the movie’s Alien.  I just wish NECA would address their Quality Assurance on these figures more pro-actively.

Here’s my see through review of the 7 inch tall translucent figure.





NECA, ALIEN: Isolation Xenomorph – Reviewed April, 2016.


ALIEN: Isolation was a terrific game and NECA did a fantastic job of bringing ‘Stompy’ into our lives to continue messing with our heads.

Is this action figure any good?  You can find out in the review here.





Arvo Bros, ALIEN Project – Reviewed: January, 2016.


It’s a completely unauthorised and unlicensed 200+ page hardcover book about how to build your own 18 inch tall Alien statue out of Lego.

It’s terrific and super cool.  I love it.  You can read the review here.



Gentle Giant, 24 Inch Alien Tribute Figure – Reviewed: December, 2015


Some crazy folk at Gentle Giant decided the original 18 inch tall Kenner action figure needed to be re-released – and they upscaled it by 25% in the process.

Too Awesome!  I like these kinds of crazy folk.  Here’s my review.



NECA, 1/4 Scale Alien Figure – Reviewed: December, 2015.


This is the 2015 edition – or 2nd iteration – of NECA’s 1/4 scale Big Chap action figure.  It’s a great item, a little weighty for its own good but remember it’s nearly 2 feet tall.

You can read 22 inches of review right here.





More reviews coming soon.