1992, Space Marine Sgt. Apone.

  • Year: 1992
  • Size: 5 inches.
  • Product Line: Produced by Kenner (Tonka).

This space marine Sgt Prototype sample is clearly missing his right leg.  What’s not so clear is how he lost it – or whether it was ever attached in the first place.

Also missing from the figure are the 3 accessories (1 rifle, 2 elastic grenades) that were included in the retail version of the figure.

Considering this hand painted hard copy lacks peg holes in the foot along with the absence of any copyright details, it may have been used in promotional photos prior to the figure’s release in 1992.  It’s likely this sample was created for the sake of displaying and demonstrating the complete range of features the figure possessed during its late development and marketing strategum; and it’s also possible this piece is a paint master used for production purposes.

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Images courtesy of Scott Morrissey