Kenner 18 Inch

Various image Galleries for  the original 1979 Kenner ALIEN action figure and all the derivative and tribute figures that have been (irregularly) released since then right up until as recently as 2017.

Each of the items below are based directly on Kenner’s original 1979 ALIEN toy, effectively re-releasing it in various guises as derivative ‘models’ and tribute figures.  Each of these items were official products licenced by their respective manufacturers.  These items are genuine and not bootlegs.

Including the original controversial children’s toy released in 1979, the item has been pressed 12 times.

SPECIMEN No. 01: 1979 Kenner Products ALIEN Action Figure.

The original Classic ALIEN action figure – and the best of its family.  Kenner Products manufactured this item in large numbers in 1979.  As a result, it is relatively easy to find in the secondary market place.  Being the first toy released based on an R-rated movie marks it as a figure with a  reputation that can never be matched.


SPECIMEN No. 02:  1984 Tsukuda Hobby Jumbo Figure.


The first derivative figure was released in Japan by Tsukuda Hobby.  Despite the claim on the box that it is ‘OVER 18 INCHES TALL’ this item stands at a total height of 17.75 inches.  Like all future such Kenner inspired figures and kits, this item has small deviations and other changes made to it.  This is the first ALIEN figure to feature rotation at the neck and a flexible wire core tail.  Partial assembly is required.



SPECIMEN No. 03:  1991 Halcyon ALIEN Model Assembly Kit.


Standing at 16.75 inches tall, the Halcyon ALIEN is the shortest figure in the family of derivative Kenner items. This item is an unpainted model kit and needs to be fully assembled once removed from the box.  It is often confused with Kenner Products or Tsukuda Hobby Aliens when sold loosely.  This situation is complicated by the fact the assembled kit completely fails to resemble the art present on the box it was sold in.



FALSE SPECIMEN:  1991 Kenner ALIEN action figure.


Reputed to have been released in 1991, this Kenner item never existed.  As a result, there are no photographs available in this gallery.  Its inclusion here is for disambiguation purposes as it simply owes its existence to confusion and misinformation.




SPECIMEN No. 04:  1995 Tsukuda Hobby Complete Model – ‘Black’ Version.


Tsukuda Hobby’s 2nd version of the ALIEN shipped in a package with a window mounted in the front of the box much like the original 1979 figure.  Unlike Tsukuda Hobby’s first figure, his iteration required no assembly and was slightly shorter standing at 17 inches tall.




SPECIMEN No. 05:  1997 Tsukuda Hobby Complete Model – ‘Silver’ Version.


This is the first of 2 ‘silver’ coated Kenner Products derived Alien figures. It uses exactly the same molds as the 17 inch tall 1995 Tsukuda Hobby item immediately above but cast in lighter vinyl and spay painted with a pewter finish.  This item was exclusively available at Japanese Toys ‘R’ Us stores and is also the last figure as part of the ‘Tsukuda family’.  It is also the last time a wire core tail was used in any of the Kenner derived figures.


SPECIMEN No. 06: 2014 Gentle Giant Glow in the Dark ALIEN Action Figure.

More than a dozen years would pass before the old Kenner ALIEN figure would appear once again.  Instead of being derived from the original,  this Century’s iterations take more of a tribute form, returning missing features including the jaw activation system and coiled tail to the figure.

The first of Gentle Giant’s oversized tribute items to honour the original Kenner Products ALIEN.  This enormous 24 inch tall figure also glows in the dark.   This item was exclusively available at San Diego Comic Con in 2014 and limited to only 250 pressings.


SPECIMEN No. 07:  2015 Gentle Giant Replica Tribute Action Figure.


To all intents and purposes, this 24 inch tall Gentle Giant tribute figure sets out to recreate an homage to the original figure in just about every way.  All features of the original are present here including the blue box it is packaged in.

All of which is increased in size by 25%.




SPECIMEN No. 08: 2015 Gentle Giant Silver Finish Action Figure.


Gentle Giant’s Silver vacuum coated 24 inch tall ALIEN.  This figure’s limited release of only 79 units commemorates and honour the 35th Anniversary of the movie (and original figure’s) release.

This iteration was the 2nd time a derivative of the original Kenner ALIEN figure was finished in silver.



SPECIMEN No. 09:  2015 Gentle Giant Gold Finish Action Figure.


Gentle Giant’s 4rth and final 24 inch tall ALIEN tribute figure was vacuum metal coated in gold.  Just like the silver version of this figure above, this item is a 35th anniversary figure.  It is limited to 79 units only and commemorates the year the movie and the original action figure were both released.




SPECIMEN No. 10:  2016 Super7 ALIENS Warrior, ‘Prototype Edition’.


For the 30th Anniversary of the movie ALIENS Super 7 released this convention exclusive.  The limited edition 18.75 inch  tall figure is based intimately on the original Kenner figure with various features retooled to create a fake prototype for an action figure that never existed.




SPECIMEN No. 11:  2017 Super 7 ALIENS Warrior, ‘Classic Toy Edition’.


Based intimately on the original 1979 Kenner figure, this iteration by Super 7 is the first true general public release of their speculation 1986 action figure made by Kenner may have looked like.





SPECIMEN No. 12: 2017 Super 7 ALIENS Warrior, ‘Acid Green Edition’.


The 3rd item in super7’s range of 1986 ALIENS Warrior tribute figures is this transparent green figure.  While all other Kenner derived figures are opaque, this one is  made of plastic that you can see through.

Of particular note, all internal connections – including the mechanism that operates the jaws and tongue – are visible!



SPECIMEN No. 13: (UNRELEASED – ANTICIPATED IN 2018) Super 7 ALIENS Warrior, ‘Marine Ambush Edition’.


More information on this February 2017 Toy Fair announced action figure when it becomes available.

UPDATE. During a November 2017  Q&A session, Super7 owner Brian Flynn was kind enough to provide an update on this figure.  No release date is  available yet – but it’s still coming.

UPDATE 2.  A placeholder page for this item now exists.



I’ll be very surprised if we have seen the last of this infamous old action figure appear under yet another guise.  It’s reputation and notorious history have carried it thus far, I don’t see it diminishing anytime soon.  If anything, interest in the old toy is increasing.

I’ll add  more such items to this page as they become available.


The 24 inch tall glow in the dark Gentle Giant figure compared to the original 18 inch tall Kenner Products Alien.

The 24 inch tall glow in the dark Gentle Giant figure compared to the original 18 inch tall Kenner Products Alien.